The most iconic image of the "Royal Burgh" of St. Andrews, Scotland, where I did my doctoral work, is this one. It's the ruined cathedral, that in the Middle Ages was the largest church in Scotland and the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishop. It sits in a dramatic location overlooking the North Sea.

What led to the ruination of that once-magnificent structure was, sadly, the Protestant Reformation. As the wave of reform swept through the Scottish church, over-zealous followers of John Knox sought to remove any sanctuary furnishings they considered idolatrous. Out went the altar and all its trappings. Out went the statues of saints. What also went out was the medieval stained-glass windows, smashed beyond repair. Over time, the cathedral fell into ruin, with only three short stretches of wall remaining. They're still standing today. As for the other stones that once made up the cathedral walls, citizens of the town absconded with them to build their own houses. It was a slow-motion demolition. Medieval stones from the Cathedral are now scattered all over St. Andrews, embedded in the walls of Reformation-era structures.

You can still see the the outline of the windows, though, in the walls that remain. There was no photography in the 16th Century, of course, and it occurred to no one to paint a picture of the stained glass windows, so we have no idea what they looked like. The remaining windows are now open to the sky.

I love stained glass windows. I love the way they filter the light coming into a church. I love their soft glow. But there's one problem with stained glass, that's especially evident in a place like St. Andrews Cathedral. Stained glass conveys light into a sanctuary, but it prevents the people inside from looking out .

There's a parable in that, for our church - indeed, for any church. We come to love our churches, and the people in them, perhaps a little too well. Our Savior gave us the great commission to go forth into the world and proclaim the good news, but it's hard to do that if our gaze is mostly inward-looking. If we're not careful, as a congregation, we'll only have eyes for the life within our walls.

I'm preaching this Sunday on a passage from the book of Acts, in which Paul found a riverbank outside the Greek city of Philippi to be a more congenial place for proclaiming the good news than the platform inside the local synagogue. His listeners had no problem seeing the world outside their gathering: there weren't even any walls!

On this day of our annual congregational meeting, it's an appropriate theme to consider. What do we see from our vantage-point in the sanctuary? And where does our Lord call us to go from there?

Come for the worship service this Sunday. Stay for the congregational meeting. Hope to see you here!

Pastor Carl
Worship Notes
Sunday, February 24

Pastor Carl's sermon this Sunday, "Beyond the Stained Glass," is based on Acts 16:9-15 .

In music, Jim Goldsworthy and the choir will feature pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach. A beloved hymn, Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us by William Bradley Roberts will be performed by Ritika Thomas on violin.

Hope you will join us for Sunday worship at 10:15AM. Immediately after worship this Sunday will be the Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation--see below for more information and to view the 2018 Annual Report.
Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation
February 24, 2019
Immediatley after Worship
The meeting will include a number of reports on the life of our church and we will elect the slate of leadership candidates presented by the Nominating Committee. 

Annual Report Available Online
Click on the button below to view the 2018 Annual Report including the financials. (Printed copies will be available at the meeting.)
Please note that in the event of snow, the meeting will take place at the same time the following Sunday--March 3.
Confirmation Class
Camp Johnsonburg Retreat
Friday, February 22-Sunday, February 24

The programming for the Retreat will be provided by the Johnsonburg Camp staff. Participating will be members of Presbyterian Confirmation classes from churches all over the State. Attending as the Lamington Church adult advisors for the entire weekend - and staying overnight - will be Dr. Scott and Cindy Campbell. Pastor Carl will be there on Friday evening and Saturday.

We'll be car pooling and will need to leave LPC at  6:30PM  on Friday (please eat dinner before you get here). The group will return on Sunday morning just before noon.

Weekly Adult Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday evenings for our weekly adult Bible study, from 7:00-8:00PM. These "fireside Bible studies" are led by Pastor Carl at the Manse.

This first series of studies is on the Parables of Jesus: a different parable each week. The passage for Wednesday, February 27 is The Parable of the Widow and the Judge , Luke 18:1-8.

Note: The Wednesday Bible study will not meet during Lent. We will resume after Easter with another topic. Members of the group have decided to attend the ecumenical Lenten Soup Suppers. See information below.
March 6
Ash Wednesday Worship Service
at Lamington Church
March 13 - April 10

All are invited to participate in the Wednesday evening ecumenical Lenten Soup Suppers. There will be five of these Lenten events jointly sponsored by area churches. The overall theme is, "What gets in the way of following Jesus more closely?" Each week a different pastor will lead the study portion of the evening. Watch for details on the weekly location. Please note that, on Wednesday, March 20, Lamington Church will host the Lenten Soup Supper.
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Sunday, February 24
Nancy Hance
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Sunday, March 24
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Tuesday, February 26
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