April 2018

Beyond The Surface.
The Real Life Stories of the Youth Project

The Youth Project is honored to work with so many brave teenagers, willing to share their lives with us.  Each month, we'll bring you firsthand accounts of pain, trauma and hope -- from the teens themselves. Here are a few of their stories.
16 y/o female - student is working with her Youth Project counselor to develop a stronger and healthier relationship with her mom. After months of working on effective communication skills and various interventions, the student reports that her relationship with mom has much improved. She feels they are now able to communicate well and enjoy spending time together
17 y/o male - student is struggling with the lack of a relationship with his father who moved out of the country when he was young. Student and his Youth Project counselor are working through his feelings of conflict between protecting mom and stepdad's feelings, while also desiring a relationship with his biological father who has reached out to him.
17 y/o male - student is working through his addiction with his Youth Project counselor.  Student suffers from a history of addiction within the family and began using substances after the passing of his father.  Over the past 6 months, the student has been able to make progress in working through his grief as well as reduce his drug and alcohol usage.
13 y/o male - junior high school student has been working through depression and feelings of social isolation.  He is dedicated to improving his mental health and looks forward to his weekly meetings with his Youth Project counselor.
16 y/o male - student struggles with anxiety and finds great difficulty in attending his classes. His anxiety has prevented him from succeeding in school.  With the help of his Youth Project counselor, he has been able to effectively utilize and practice mindfulness not only at school but also at home with his family.  Student has expressed that since meeting with his counselor, his anxiety has decreased and he feels more capable to work alongside his mother to continue to progress.  
The Youth Project is celebrating 17 years of successfully providing free services to teens in the Santa Clarita Valley. Since their doors opened in 2000, the Youth Project has assisted more than 37,000 families.  
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