November 2019

Beyond The Surface.
The Real Life Stories of the Youth Project

The Youth Project is honored to work with so many brave teenagers, willing to share their lives with us.  Each month, we'll bring you firsthand accounts of pain, trauma and hope -- from the teens themselves. Here are a few of their stories.

13 y/o female struggled with cutting as her chosen coping method. Although the student states she no longer cuts herself, she constantly looked at her scarred arm and felt shame. The YP counselor was able to help the client re-frame the thoughts associated with each scar with terms like "brave" and "survivor," replacing her shame with the strength derived from healthier coping methods. 
17 y/o female - student struggles with feelings of abandonment by mother when she was 5 due to substance use.  Her mother has since returned to her life and wants a relationship. Student is confused about mother's return and is afraid she will relapse. Student reported family members telling her what she should do or not do and have many opinions without taking in consideration her feelings.  During her time with the Youth Project, she shares she can talk about her deep true feelings freely and explore ways to cope with the new change in her life.
16 y/o female is struggling with feelings of depression. Her parents do not speak or write in English and rely on her for many of their tasks. She feels unable to communicate with them regarding her feelings.  The student reports she feels unseen and unheard in her family. The student is able to express these thoughts with her YP counselor, and is currently exploring healthy coping methods and role playing as a way to help practice better communication attempts with her parents. 
17 y/o female struggles with managing heightened levels of stress and is learning to prioritize her goals.  She has been practicing mindfulness, by meditating and deep breathing when she starts to hyperventilate, and reports she is feeling more confident and is currently applying for college.  
The Youth Project is celebrating 19 years of successfully providing free services to teens in the Santa Clarita Valley. Since their doors opened in 2000, the Youth Project has assisted more than 37,000 families.  
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