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A Selection of Films About the Real Lives
of People on Both Sides of the Border
On Tuesday night, Trump addressed the nation on prime time to continue making his case for the construction of a wall on the US/Mexico border. The facts paint a different picture. The number of people caught trying to cross illegally is at a 20-year low, yet there has been an increase in families and children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras coming to the US fleeing poverty and extreme violence.

As the government shutdown stretches into its third week, the administration continues to push its zero-tolerance immigration policy, and thousands of children seeking asylum are held in detention centers, we invite you to explore the moving stories below that offer a stark reminder of why many immigrants risk everything to come here. These powerful films about the real lives of people on both sides of the border are essential viewing for all Americans who want to understand this growing crisis.
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One Undocumented Teen's Story

The Dangerous Journey of Three Salvadoran Women to the U.S.
A Portrait of Migrant Life Along the U.S.-Mexican Border
The Challenges Facing an Undocumented College Student
The Human Casualties of the Drug War in Mexico

The Search for Disappeared Children in El Salvador
The Struggles of Mexican American Migrants to Educate their Children
Coming of Age
in Laredo, Texas

Enforced Disappearance in Mexico and Central America

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