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December 22, 2018

As I promised last newsletter, here's  more about PortSide's amazing 2018!

I am inspired by the surge in appreciation from our neighbors, visitors, local non-profits looking to partner, and ships from out of state that want to program with us.

Please make a year-end donation or set up a recurring donation here  to enable us to keep growing in 2019.

PortSide maritime programs go beyond the usual.

We connect New Yorkers and visitors to the diverse benefits of our waterfront, AND we connect people who are not usually on the waterfront.

PortSide launched an African American Maritime Heritage program because you can't understand American history if you don't know African American history. Black mariners were a major presence in maritime work - until Jim Crow - and we want to bring their presence back.

We created a Puerto Rican Red Hook WaterStories event to highlight how Puerto Ricans, a major presence in NYC, first came to NYC in ships that docked right where we are. We invited local Puerto Ricans to tell their stories, creating a passionately popular event that will become an annual one.

We created a special PortSide event for Red Hook NYCHA residents to serve the majority of Red Hook residents who rarely participate in waterfront activities.

PortSide started an exciting relationship with PS 676, an elementary school on the rebound in Red Hook. 

On top of that, in 2018, we expanded existing programs!

We added amenities for kids and adults to TankerTime

PortSide launched version 2.0 of our e-museum Red Hook WaterStories to reveal more historic and contemporary maritime stories pertinent to all of NYC.

Thanks to restoration work done by our crew and the training program of Local 806 from District Council 9, our historic ship MARY A. WHALEN is looking better than she has in 20 years! 

Simultaneously, we worked on a business plan to expand into building space alongside the ship. More on that below.

I offer you more inspiration in the photos below. Please check them out and donate to help such activities grow.

Thanks for your support!
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We are working on a  business plan to expand  into the warehouse next to the MARY A. WHALEN to finally have  proper program and office space. 

You can help by emailing us a letter of support by 1/6/19 saying why you like PortSide NewYork and want to see us grow.  We will share these messages with the NYC EDC  when we make the final presentation of our business plan to them on 1/8/19.   Email your letter, or any questions, to chiclet@portsidenewyork.org

Rendering by AE Superlab
Photos from recent activity

 We had our first wedding aboard!  Alexandra and Rachel, who are creating a promo video for us.

Red Hook local leaders came to visit the AMISTAD. Wally Bazemore gifted an African drum and his Vietnam War medal and NAACP card to the ship. 

Butler Coop Pre-K campers explore the telegraph on the MARY A. WHALEN

Local 806 of District Council 9 working in the fidley

Note of appreciation created at the TankerTime ArtTable

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PortSide NewYork is a living lab for better urban waterways. 
PortSide brings WaterStories to life. 

PortSide brings the communities ashore and afloat together, 
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