Bhutan Foundation Update 2018
Greetings from Washington, DC and Thimphu! We are pleased to present the  Bhutan Foundation 2018 Update , our chance to bring you the latest news, timelines, and figures about how your support is making a difference in Bhutan. Our combined work is a direct reflection of Bhutanese priorities, from which I think there is much to be learned.
In many ways, Bhutan serves as a global example of values-driven development. Bhutan's forward-thinking leadership work toward the happiness and well-being of their citizens by prioritizing four areas: environmental conservation, equitable development, good governance, and cultural preservation. As a result, the country is not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative, and it is home to some of the richest biodiversity on the planet. But where gaps exist, the Bhutan Foundation calls on local and global expertise to develop Bhutanese skills and services, ensuring preparation for future needs. In the  2018 Update , you will read about programs that build on the country's successes in conservation of its wildlife and environment. You will see progress in efforts to bring essential health and social services to citizens in Bhutan's most rugged and remote areas, and to preserve an irreplaceable example of 19th-century Bhutanese architecture, thanks to the guidance of global partners. These are just a few examples of the impact your support has made in Bhutan.
As you read the  2018 Update , I hope you will consider how each of the featured projects reflects Bhutan's approach to development. Thank you for being an important supporter of a global partnership to build capacity in Bhutan and to share Bhutan's unique values with the world.

Tshewang Wangchuk
Executive Director

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