Bi-Monthly News from NIMBioS
May-June 2018
Landmark Collaborations Lead to UT Successes
In recent years, NIMBioS has developed productive partnerships with faculty in many units at UT, collaborating on and helping manage a variety of sponsored projects totaling more than $3.2 million. Projects span interdisciplinary research, from modeling infectious disease to evaluation of STEM education to analysis of issues of concern in conservation and environmental science.
Celebrating a Decade of Undergraduate Research
With the 2018 Summer Research Experiences (SRE) underway, NIMBioS celebrates a decade of providing undergraduates with opportunities to conduct research at the interface of mathematics and biology. Fifteen undergraduates students from around the country arrived at NIMBioS last week to begin the program.
Why Are Our Brains So Big? Answer: Ecology
Why did the human brain evolve to its unusually large size? Former NIMBioS GRA Mauricio Gonzalez Forero has some answers in a new Nature paper that develops a mechanistic model showing brain expansion was likely driven by ecological processes. The finding challenges popular theory that the brain grew as social interactions between humans became more complex.
New Targeted Postdoctoral Fellowships at NIMBioS
NIMBioS announces a new opportunity for postdoctoral research, "Targeted Postdoctoral Fellowships, " which provide support for specific res earch questions on projects directed by faculty at the University of Tennessee. NIMBioS is currently accepting applications for four new Targeted Postdoctoral Fellowships.
DySoC/NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Extending the Theory of Sustainability
The Center for the Dynamics of Social Complexity (DySoC) is now accepting applications for its Investigative Workshop, "Extending the Theory of Sustainability," to be held December 5-7, 2018, at NIMBioS. The workshop will convene scholars in the fields of economics, socio-political evolution, the natural sciences and mathematics to present the latest developments. Application deadline: September 5.
Selected Recent NIMBioS Publications
Chang C, Cruyff MJLF, Giam X. 2018. Examining conservation compliance with randomized response technique analyses. Conservation Biology. 

Garzón A, Grigoriev RO. 2017. Memory effects, transient growth and wave breakup in a model of paced atrium . Chaos 27, 093917.

Jost L et. al. 2017. Differentiation measures for conservation metrics. Evolutionary Applications.

Truchado P, Hernandez N, Gil MI, Ivanek R, Allende A. 2018. Correlation between E. coli levels and the presence of foodborne pathogens in surface irrigation water: Establishment of a sampling program. Water Research 128(1): 226-233.

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