June 2019 - Volume 6, Issue 6
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McLean Recipient Announced Advocacy in Trenton
Last Call for Tariff Feedback Upcoming Events
FMC Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye to receive
2019 Malcom McLean Award
At our June General Member Meeting, the Bi-State announced that the 2019 recipient of the Malcom McLean Memorial Award will be Federal Maritime Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye.

Commissioner Dye is being recognized for her career in public service and commitment to promoting supply chain efficiency and productivity. In her role as FMC Commissioner, she has demonstrated strong leadership, and spearheaded efforts to increase communication between port industry stakeholders, encouraging the sharing of information in an integrated, transparent manner.

For information on how you can show your support for this event and our honorees with an Ad in our Event Journal, or by attending the Golf Outing and/or Award Luncheon, please see our Event Invitation, now available on the Bi-State website . Please contact Executive Director Dick Jones at 973-466-0014, dj@thebistate.com if you have any questions.
Bi-State Board Members in Trenton
Representatives from the Bi-State Executive Board attended a meeting at Governor Murphy's office in Trenton earlier this month, to discuss matters of concern to the intermodal industry, and provide important information regarding issues such as Misclassification, Truck Replacement, Driver Shortages, and overall goals to increase Port Efficiency. This is just one example of the many ways that the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers works to provide a strong voice for its membership.
Last Call: Public Comment on
Proposed Tariff Changes Due by June 30
Reminder: On May 3, 2019, the PANYNJ announced the following modifications to their Port Facilities Tariff, which includes another Truck Phase Out mandate:
1 ) Effective August 1, 2020 trucks with engine model years 1997 or older will be banned from serving the port.  According to current Port Truck Pass registration data, an estimated 275 trucks will be affected by the mandate.
2)  Effective   July 1, 2019, all  new  trucks entered into the Drayage Truck Registry must meet or exceed federal EPA on road emission standards for 2010 model year heavy duty diesel fueled engines  Any trucks already registered to serve the port prior to that date are grandfathered in.
It is the Bi-State's position that truck replacement should be encouraged on a voluntary basis, not with a mandatory ban.

Those wishing to express feedback on the proposed tariff changes may submit their comments via email to Charles Liou at  cliou@panynj.gov All comments must be received by June 30th .

Upcoming Events 
July 09 - Bi-State General Member Meeting
All Bi-State Members are invited to join us at 10am on Tuesday, June 9th at the NYSA Training Center auditorium (1210 Corbin Street) for our monthly member meeting. Note: these meetings are closed to the public, open to Bi-State Members only.  In addition to sharing important port community news and updates, we will have presentations from Flexi-Van Chassis about their new Tire Program, and updated product information from T-Mobile. 

Monday, September 9, 2019
Galloping Hill Golf Course, Kenilworth, NJ
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Dates to Remember
July 4 • Independence Day
July 9 • Monthly Member Meeting
August 13 • Monthly Member Meeting
Sept 2 • Labor Day
Sept 9 • Golf Outing & Awards Lunch
Executive Board
Executive Director Dick Jones
President Lisa Yakomin
First Vice President Tom Heimgartner
Second Vice President Lou Notaro
Secretary Peter Toscano
Treasurer Peggy Mecca
Executive Board Mike Baicher, Dave Cannillo, Chuck Connors, Jerry Dooley, Chris Grato, Will Grato, Patrick Judge III, Brian Kohn, John Kruse, Bob Leef, Joe Noonan, Jr., Greg Scott, Steve Schulein, Pete Toscano