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"The mission of the Presbytery of Lake Huron is to partner with congregations, helping people to know, grow, share and serve as disciples of Jesus Christ." 

March 14, 2018 

May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

We Pray For 
We Lift Up In Prayer...  

The Rev. Ken Hetzel, Honorably Retired who is recovering from a recent health setback.

Pam Brackbill and the Rev. Tom Brackbill, Pastor of Alma-First as they deal with all that encompasses Pam's diagnosis of Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Pam is under the care of Masonic Pathways. 

Mission Co-Workers:
The Rev. Cathy Chang and family who are serving in the Philippines.

Michael and Rachel Ludwig , our Mission Co-Workers who are serving in Niger.



For those Teaching Elders (Ministers of Word and Sacrament) and Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) who are celebrating Ordination or Commissioning Anniversaries in March and April:

The Rev. Ken Anderson (4/30) - Honorably Retired
Elder Jon Baker (4/26) - 1 year - Commissioned Ruling Elder of Rosebush
The Rev. Karen Blatt (3/12) - Honorably Retired and Temporary Supply of Houghton Lake-Kirk of the Lakes
The Rev. Janice Chambers (3/29) - Honorably Retired
The Rev. Linda Graham (3/25) - Pastor of Cass City-First and Cass City-Fraser
The Rev. George Gillette (4/27) - Honorably Retired
The Rev. Desiree Lawson (3/20) - Pastor of Flint-Trinity United and Presbytery Moderator
The Rev. Hoon Koo (David) Lee (4/27) - Member-At-Large
Elder Elizabeth "Liz" Long (3/5)  - 5 years - Commissioned Ruling Elder of Ithaca-Lafayette
The Rev. Andrew Miller (4/4) - Pastor of Mt. Pleasant-First
The. Dong Won Park (4/15) - 45 years - Honorably Retired
Elder Peggy Ronk (3/4) - Commissioned Ruling Elder of Breckenridge-Emerson
The Rev. Dr. Brian Stratton (4/2) - Alma College Professor
Presbytery Office
Dan Saperstein
From the Lion's Den

At last week's Presbytery meeting I delivered a sermon on the topic "The Cruciform Community" - that is, the church that is shaped by the cross. I have received several requests for the sermon, so I decided to reprint a portion of it here:
A few years back, a psychologist at Yale University put forth "the ladder" as the defining image of our way of life. He discovered that underlying the deep questions of meaning and purpose -- for person after person all over the country -- there is a sense that life is a ladder to be climbed. Somehow, you find your way onto a rung of the ladder -- and then, your purpose in life is to climb as far and as fast as you can. Success is reaching the top of the ladder.
As you make your way to the top, at each rung of the ladder, there are certain perks, powers, and privileges. You could call them advantages, or maybe entitlements. The higher you climb, the greater and more numerous the advantages and entitlements become. It's a compelling image, the ladder of success. To understand just how powerful and pervasive it is, consider what has happened to the church. We're not all that different from society at large. We have followed the ladder of success for our endeavors as well.
... The ladder is such an appealing symbol, we are so captive to our culture that it's hard to think of success in terms of any other image than buildings, budgets, baptisms, and beautiful people streaming in and out of our doors.
But, as followers of Jesus Christ, we are not people of the ladder. Our defining image is something far different. We are people of the cross!
The ladder speaks of upward mobility. The cross speaks of downward mobility. The ladder says, "Climb." The cross says, "Descend." The ladder says, "Step on whoever gets in the way and push them out of the way." The cross says, "Serve all who are on the way and help them along the way." The ladder says, "Me." The cross says, "You."
... In order to be an inside-out church we must also become an upside-down church - a church that divests itself of power and privilege to come alongside and serve those who are on the bottom rung of the ladder. It is a church based not on the ladder, but the cross.
As we head towards Holy Week, we remember that Jesus laid aside divine majesty and chose the cross. As we follow him, let us climb down the ladder, take up our cross, and follow him as the upside-down people of God.


Dan Saperstein, E xecutive Presbyter
Clerk of Session Training

On Saturday, April 21, the Stated Clerk, Ted McCulloch, will hold a training and orientation time for Clerks of Session.  We will meet at Saginaw First Presbyterian Church, 121 S. Harrison, Saginaw MI 48602.  We will start at 10 AM and will go until sometime after 1 PM.  A light lunch and beverages will be provided.
This is time is designed not only for new Clerks of Session but for any Clerk of Session who might find it helpful.
A few of the areas we will look at include the:
  • Role of the Clerk and Book of Order Requirements
  • Writing Good Minutes, including tips and tricks
  • Registers and Rolls (lots of info here!)
  • Annual Responsibilities
  • FAQ
Please register by clicking here.  Registration will be open through Monday, April 16.
Any questions, please call the Stated Clerk, Ted McCulloch at 989-799-7481 x4.
Board of Pensions
BOP Logo
Benefits Connections: Detroit

You are invited to attend Benefits Connections: Detroit

Who Should Attend?
If you are responsible for benefits decisions and managing benefits - or work with those who are - this day is for you!  Pastors, chairs of personnel, stated clerks, church business managers, office managers are welcome!  COM and CPM chairs are invited. Registration is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Why Attend?
Learn about theological values that shape the Benefits Plan. Preview changes for 2019. Ask questions of Board of Pensions leadership and staff. Meet other benefits decision-makers in your area. Participate in a panel discussion with your peers. You'll gain a better understanding of the plan, new peer relationships, and new strategies for being the best employer you can be. Take away suggestions and solutions for churches of all sizes - small and large.

Thursday, April 19, 2018, 9:30am to 3:00pm

First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn 
600 North Brady, Dearborn, MI 48124

RSVP by Friday, March 23, 2018

Click here to register. 
Free Hymnals
Free 1990 Hymnals

Flint-First has recently acquired the Glory to God hymnal for our worship space. They have about 500 copies of the 1990 Presbyterian Hymnal, Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs that they would love to have available for any congregation(s) wanting either additional copies or looking to replace older hymnals.

Please contact Carl Angelo at or 810-234-8673.
You're Invited
Fish Fry

Second Presbyterian Church in Saginaw is hosting " the best Fish Fry in Saginaw County!"
Friday, March 16th from  5:00-6:30 pm .

You'll enjoy all you can eat fish (Alaskan Pollock).
The menu includes: beverage, fried fish, coleslaw, potatoes, bread and dessert. Take outs are also available!
Prices are as follows:
Adults - $11.00
Children 5-11 - $5.00
Children Under 5 - Free
Take Outs - $10.00
A bake sale and SERRV merchandise sale are also held during the fish fry. Come early to find your favorite goodies!

Click here to visit the event's page on Facebook.
Presbyterian Women
PW Logo
PW Spring Gathering

The Presbyterian Women of Lake Huron Presbytery are hosting their 2018 Spring Gathering on Saturday, April 14th at Bay City-Westminster from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.
Please click here for details and a printable flyer.
Mission Co-Workers
Update From Michael and Rachel Ludwig

It has been an intense month+, so we are combining updates! The good news is that CHE training is going smoothly, we're continuing great relationships with church leaders and our kids continue to do a great job in school and dealing with the difficulties of life here. While the relentless heat has returned, with more electricity problems, Michael was happy to make a big step in getting to lead our local congregation's weekly prayer service, especially in a time of some big conflict and the big prayer needs.  In this time, we appreciate your prayers for us and our church and the big encouragement your interest in Niger is to us!

Hosting Centers & other EERN prayer items - The student hosting centers are looking good.  I visited one last week and found they are almost ready for students to move in.  The finishing touches have taken longer because they were not the primary builder's responsibility, who was selected because he is dependable and fast.  In other news, there've been several problems with villages that are trying to block the building of churches on church owned property through appeals to tradition.  Also the EERN is hoping to find three evangelists willing to go to the Diffa region, which is still basically in a state of emergency with so many needs.  In the northern desert city of Agadez (in the news for migrant smuggling) the church is almost finished building a house to establish a pastor there, so we have hope he will soon be able to start helping with radio ministry and a future school.


If you would like to follow their adventures and their mission work in Niger, please contact Staci Percy at or 989-799-7481 x2 for their blog address.  (They have asked that the link to it not be published online.)
Communications Corner
Headlines of Interest

Here are links to articles that we hope you will enjoy and perhaps spend some time discussing them with others. 

Apps are an indispensable tool for accessing digital information and services quickly. There is an app for anything and everything, including churches. Why are apps so useful? Is it because they are fast and easy to use? Or because they sidestep the trouble of opening a browser, logging on to a website, and then searching for a desired function or feature? Of course, websites are amazing resources and necessary components of any healthy communications system, but when it comes to performance, speed, and agility - apps are definitely out in front.  A major factor for the success of apps is the smartphone. Over  70% of Americans own and use their smartphones  for nearly every facet of their lives from connecting with friends and family via phone, text, and social media, to shopping, banking, and connecting with their church communities. Nearly  90% of this time is spent connecting  via a mobile app too. Users are bypassing their browsers (even mobile-friendly browsers) and directly connecting through apps for a customized online experience. What does this mean for churches? Does your church have an app?  Here are 10 ways church apps outperform mobile websites...continue reading.

Thinking through technology's uses.
My first job was in software development, creating the first-generation of programs that replaced laboratory notebooks with computer systems. Our clients expected that computerization would solve their problems. But we had a saying: "The computer doesn't do it better, it just does it faster."  My boss also had a saying: "If the computer had been invented first, paper would have been hailed as a breakthrough."  I love technology. But we have to appreciate every tool for what it is and adjust to it. Too often we adopt the new, use it like the old, and get the worst of both worlds.  Consider the paper newsletter. Many churches now email their newsletter as a PDF file. We don't. My congregation is fairly advanced technologically, yet we still print and mail our newsletter - first class - every month to every family. Why? Let's compare the media . .. continue reading .
NOTE: The articles listed do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or intended to be an endorsement by the Presbytery of Lake Huron but are shared to encourage discussion of various topics.
Connect With Other Churches In The Lake Huron Presbytery

There are so many wonderful things going on in all of our congregations.  Several of our churches have set up Facebook pages to help spread the good news not only to their members but to all who may be interested.  Liking other church Facebook pages is a great way to connect with others in the presbytery and to share ideas with each other.  Here are some of the churches that have Facebook pages:


If your congregation has a page and it is not listed here, please contact Staci Percy at

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The presbytery has a Facebook page and would like you to join us.  Get updates and information faster. Connect with others to share ideas and to post information about events happening in your congregation.  Join us today! 

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