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"The mission of the Presbytery of Lake Huron is to partner with congregations, helping people to know, grow, share and serve as disciples of Jesus Christ." 
March 6, 2019 
We Pray For 
We Lift Up In Prayer...  

Elder Linda Living-Hawley, Commissioned Ruling Elder of Fenton-Tyrone who experienced a major cardiac event in December, spent several days in the hospital and recently started cardiac rehab. 

Mission Co-Workers:
The Rev. Cathy Chang and family who are serving in the Philippines.

Michael and Rachel Ludwig , our Mission Co-Workers who are serving in Niger.



For those Teaching Elders (Ministers of Word and Sacrament) and Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) who are celebrating Ordination or Commissioning Anniversaries in March and April:

Elder Peggy Ronk (3/4) - Commissioned Ruling Elder of Breckenridge-Emerson
Elder Liz Long (3/5) - Commissioned Ruling Elder of Ithaca-Lafayette
The Rev. Karen Blatt (3/12) - Temporary Supply of Houghton Lake-Kirk of the Lakes
The Rev. Hakbae Moon (3/19) - Pastor of Flint-Unity
The Rev. Desiree Lawson (3/20) - Pastor of Flint-Trinity United
The Rev. Linda Graham (3/25) - Pastor of Cass City-First and Cass City-Fraser
The Rev. Jan Chambers (3/29) - Honorably Retired and Pastor Emerita of Tawas
The Rev. Dr. Brian Stratton (4/2) - Member-At-Large 
The Rev. Andrew Miller (4/4) - 15 Years - Pastor of
The Rev. Dong Won Park (4/15) - Honorably Retired
Elder Jon Baker (4/26) - Commissioned Ruling Elder of Rosebush
The Rev. George Gillette (4/27) - Honorably Retired
The Rev. Hoon Koo Lee (4/27) - Member-At-Large

Presbytery Office
Dan Saperstein
From the Lions' Den

Thirty-three years ago in 1986 when I was in my first call as Associate Pastor in Boise, Idaho, I had the privilege of serving as an adult chaperone for a presbytery-wide youth delegation attending the Third Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Even though I was 29 years old and long past anything that qualified as "youth" it was a life-changing experience.

Among the attenders at the event was a black South African young man named Timaka Mashele. This was at the height of the civil unrest in South Africa over Apartheid, and it was uncertain if Mashele would be able to attend. The Apartheid regime did not permit black South Africans to travel internationally to tell their stories of oppression.

But Mashele told his story. He described the strict segregation of the races in his homeland. He told how the state police violently suppressed any form of protest, under the guise of anti-Communism. He told his own story of interrogation by the police, which included his interrogators suspending by his feet from an upper story window. And he said that because he has told us those things, he would almost certainly face imprisonment upon his return to South Africa.

Mashele wasn't a Communist, but he was a Christian. He helped us to understand that Apartheid was an evil corruption of Christian faith which invoked the name of God to justify racial oppression. He helped us to understand that the God of Jesus is a God who brings good news to the poor and sets at liberty those who are oppressed.

It was a display of courage and faith that I have never forgotten. I have often wondered what happened to him. I found an online record of a Timaka Docket Mashele born in 1962 (that would be about right), who married a woman named Elizabeth, and for whom a death record has been entered (no date, no circumstance). I don't know if he was married before his visit to the States, or if his death was at all related to his courageous act of witness. But here was a young man - younger than I was at the time - whose act of witness and protest, grounded in his faith, made the politics of Apartheid personal.

Not every participant at Triennium has that kind of experience, but everyone has their faith stretched and their vision of Christ's church and its mission expanded.

And now, thirty-three years later, Presbyterian Youth Triennium is still changing lives. The 14th Presbyterian Youth Triennium will meet at Purdue University in Indiana July 16-20. Three thousand Presbyterian youth from around the country (and internationally, too) gather for fun, faith building, community, leadership training and celebration. Our Presbytery is providing heavily subsidized registration and transportation for youth from our congregations. All high school age youth (entering 9th grade through 2019 graduates) are eligible to attend.

The cost per participant is only $350 which includes registration, transportation, housing, meals during the event, a delegation t-shirt, and items for swapping with other delegations. Sessions are encouraged to assist youth and their families in the registration fee. Registration at this price is available only through MARCH 31. See the information page links on our presbytery website ( We are hoping to commission a contingent of 20-25 youth for this life-changing event. Questions may be directed to our Triennium Registrars, Rev. Philomena Ofori-Nipaah ( or Nikelle Johnson ( A flyer with information may be found here.

Please encourage your high school youth to participate in this life-changing experience!


Dan Saperstein, E xecutive Presbyter
Presbytery Meeting
Thank You

We would like to thank the members and leaders of Grand Blanc-Kirkridge for being great hosts for our March stated meeting. 

For pictures of the meeting please visit our Facebook page
Offering Plate
Presbytery Meeting Offering

The Presbytery Council designated the offering from the March 2, 2019 meeting to the Grand Blanc OutreachKirkridge Presbyterian is one of the founding churches of GBO whose mission is to provide a single location for existing ministries and social services in Grand Blanc, including FISH of Grand Blanc. We are pleased to be able to support this worthy cause with $414.
Presbyterian Youth Triennium

The Presbytery of Lake Huron is forming a delegation to attend Triennium. We want YOU to be a part of this life changing event! Please contact Philomena Ofori-Nipaah ( or Nikelle Johnson ( with questions and/or to indicate your interest in attending.

Click here for a flyer with additional details or click here to go to the PYT website.

Ruling Elders

During our equipping time Martha Miller,  Manager for Ruling Elder Resources  and Educator Certification, gave a wonderful presentation on Equipping Leaders in the Small Church. One of the denominational resources she referenced was the monthly article series Regarding Ruling Elders. Click here to go to the Ruling Elders website to find the archive of articles and other helpful resources.

Camp Westminster

If you attended the presbytery meeting on Saturday hopefully you picked up your bag from Camp Westminster. In it was information on a new program called Westm inster on the Road.  A church can book a week of VBS, and then the trained and screened camp counselors go out on the road to lead a week of Vacation Bible School.  Children from that particular congregation as well as any other interested children from the neighborhood will experience a schedule that includes a Bible Quest, recreational activities, crafts, music, etc. that are generally associated with traditional Bible School but with a camp focus. Click here for more details.

Studies have shown that time outside, away from the regular routines of life, in a loving community, with opportunities to grow emotionally, spiritually and socially is extremely beneficial for any child's growth!  Don't miss the opportunity to send a child or youth (ages 7-17) to Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake this summer!  Check out the schedule at and register online or call the camp office  (313) 341-8969.
Plan a session retreat, youth or family weekend or mission work camp at Worthington Lodge (sleeps 34) See brochure enclosed for details.
Schedule a personal retreat or a meeting at the lovely Victorian Holland House in Roscommon. (sleeps 8). Brochure enclosed.   
Send children of church staff to camp with a church leader discount.  (that is 65% off)  Call the camp office at (313) 341-8969 or email  for the code.
Emergency Preparedness
Save the Date, Save a Life

Saturday September 14, 2019 or Saturday September 21, 2019

Save those dates on your calendar!

The presbytery is planning to offer the opportunity for you to be prepared to respond to health emergencies. The training will help prepare you for the four health emergencies you are most likely to encounter at home or at church.To help someone who is not breathing you will learn how to do CPR. For someone whose heart is stopped you will learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). If someone from adult to infant is choking you will learn how to help. In case of fire you will learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Everyone will have the opportunity during the training to actually practice all four skills.
We still have some work to do to finalize the exact schedule, costs and locations so we can't give you all the information today. The training will take a approximately a half day and two classes will be offered on Saturday September 14 and again on Saturday September 21 at two different locations.
It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 85 being prepared may offer you the opportunity to save a life. So please save the dates!


For additional information on how to prepare your church, please visit the Emergency Preparedness page on our website.
In Our Congregations
Lent Concerts

Next week Bay City-First begins their weekly lunchtime concert series for Lent.
Concerts are held each Wednesday from 12:15-12:45pm beginning March 13th.  Click here for more details.
Fish Fry

Saginaw-Second will be holding its semi-annual Fish Fry Dinner on Friday, March 15, 2019, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. The dinner includes all you can eat fish (fried pollock), potatoes, coleslaw, bread, beverage, and dessert.
The fish fries, held one Friday during Lent and October are the Mens Club's largest fundraisers and help fund various church projects such as; landscaping, many maintenance projects of the church building and grounds, sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop 321, and various other projects. This alleviates pressure from the budget on these items and allows for more mission giving. The Men's Club has been holding the fish fry since the 1950s. The event also includes a bake sale which helps to fund the Presbyterian Women's many local, national, and international mission projects. 
The cost of the all you can eat dine-in experience is $11.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 5-11, and free for children younger than 5 years old. Take outs are available for $10.00. Come on out and enjoy a delicious fish dinner, grab a baked good snack for later, and even do a little shopping at the SERRV tables! 

Click here for a flyer.
Connect With Other Churches In The Lake Huron Presbytery

There are so many wonderful things going on in all of our congregations.  Several of our churches have set up Facebook pages to help spread the good news not only to their members but to all who may be interested.  Liking other church Facebook pages is a great way to connect with others in the presbytery and to share ideas with each other.  Here are some of the churches that have Facebook pages:

Camp Westminster

If your congregation has a page and it is not listed here, please contact Staci Percy at

'Like' Us On Facebook

The presbytery has a Facebook page and would like you to join us.  Get updates and information faster. Connect with others to share ideas and to post information about events happening in your congregation.  Join us today! 

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Mission Coordinating Committee
March 11
1:00 pm

Vision Team
March 14
2:00 pm

Commission on Preparation for Ministry
March 20
10:00 am

Presbyterian Women
March 21
10:00 am

Personnel Team
March 25
10:00 am

Commission on Ministry
March 27
11:00 am

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