April 15, 2015

friendly reminder

Don't forget: Taxes must be postmarked by midnight tonight. 
On a lighter note: we now get 13 hours and 51 minutes of daylight today to help keep your outlook brighter! 

We should be your transportation when you plan to drink.

We offer services other than airport transportation to help you avoid a DUI. Our charter services offer door to door limousine transportation to sporting events,concerts, weddings, proms, parties, and almost anything you can think of.
We are proud to offer 3 types of packages: 
1) Hourly- We start the clock with the first pick up and end it when we drop off at the last stop. This is a more expensive option but allows you to enjoy the evening, make multiple stops, and not be rushed for time. The vehicle is yours for as long as you need it. We have a 3 hour minimum.
2) Point to Point- This is our most popular option. We pick everyone up at 1 location and drop off at 1 location. We return several hours later to pick you up and return you to the original location. This option is cost effective but requires everyone to stick to a time schedule, take all your belongings with you,and no additional stops are allotted. The vehicle will be picking up other clients while you are enjoying your evening and will return for you at your scheduled time. (not valid for Solider Field, or weddings)  
3) Shared Bus- This is the cheapest way to travel. It is only offered for the most popular events.
We charge a per person rate and you must have flexibility. Everyone meets at the Algonquin Commons at a set time and we return 1 hour after the event ends or when all passengers are back on board (which ever occurs first) if we don't get a minimum of 14 passengers committed to the event 7 days before the event or we have a group that wants to rent the bus before we reach our minimum- we will cancel the trip and refer you to our partnering company who may have availability.
Our fleet consists of sedans, 8-9 passenger stretches, and an 18 passenger party bus. The bus does not leave the state of Illinois.
All charters require a contract and a deposit. Our cancellation policy is:
60 days 'notice or more = no charge, 22-59 days out = Lose $150.00 Deposit (except shared bus) , less than 21 days' notice= lose entire fare 
Call us now to book or for more information

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A note from our Director of Operations.

We know and understand that you want to get home after a long week of travel. That is why we consider all our cars private however, there are a few occasions due to extreme weather ,traffic, and delays where we will need your patience and ask you to share a ride. If time permits we will notify you in advance of the situation and offer you a right to refuse. We will not take you out of your way or make you wait more than an additional 5 minutes at the airport.  Again, this is a rare situation but we wanted to make you aware of our policies If you have to share, we will take $10.00 off your bill as as our way of saying thank you.

Our reservations, charters, and inquiry departments are open from 8am-8pm 7 days a week to assist you with making reservations and questions. Our dispatchers will answer the phones 24/7 for clients with advanced reservations & emergency calls outside of our normal business hours. 

When calling to make a reservation, please have your flight information available to help the process run smoother. We will need the departure date, departure time, and number of travelers. For the return we will need date of arrival, time of arrival, departure city, airline, and flight number. 

In our line of work it is customary to tip your driver 15-20% based on service. We do however have an automatic 20% added on fares between 11pm - 5am + $15.00 surcharge.

If any of your contact information has changed in the past several months; please click on the link below to send an email with your updated information. ( do not email credit card information)  info@carlsonlimo.com

Thanks again for choosing Carlson Limousine and making us your # 1 choice for transportation! 

George A Carlson 
Director of Operations 
Carlson Limousine 

How is our service? 

We are part of several websites that ask for you feedback about your experience with us. Your comments, suggestions, praises, and disappointments is what makes us a better company. Please tell the world how you feel about us on Yelp, Google, or Dex. You can also E-mail the President of Carlson Limousine at  George@carlsonlimo.com
Remember, the biggest compliment is a referral and forwarding this newsletter to a friend

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Bait shop- Our worms catch fish or die trying. 

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