Most of us think of Magna Corp when we think of “the” major employer in Aurora. What we may not know is that Desjardins employs even more people. This shouldn't surprise us. The employment landscape has drastically changed and will continue to do so. Is your business and properties ready for it? How can you ready your business and property for this?

  • Be Wary Simcoe, York Does It Again York region continues to outpace the provincial and national average by growing employment another 2.4% adding a wonderful 15,120 jobs in 2018. And the sector that keeps the engine heated is the service sector with 78% people spoken to in a recent York survey saying they work in the service sector. This makes sense given the reliance on technology and the IofT. Efficiency is key and maximizing an efficient, yet unique building will maximize these sort of tenants and yield the return that your property deserves.

  • Industrial Building Sales Outpace All Other Assets In the last 4 months we've had 3, E2 Zoned, industrial sites sold on Industrial Parkway with an average price of $2,191,667. Prior to this the average days on the market was 43 days. Why is there so much demand for industrial properties? Check out 130 Industrial Parkway that's been on the market for sale now for 23 days.

Here's an interesting article I found on the towns website dated Jan 2019. It includes detailed information of all vacant employment lands in the town now. Check it out! There may be some synergies with your property here.

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Arash Doulatshahi
Sales Representative, Associate, AMP