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P.R.A.Y. Announces Newest Patch in RP3 Series

Being "on the road" implies adventure, challenge, and sometimes uncertainty. Christians are called to journey with Christ and grow in faith. Learn how Jesus meets us and helps us spread the Gospel while “on the road.”

Story #1: Philip and the Ethiopian on the Desert Road
God speaks through Scripture. God also sends people to help us understand His Word.

Story #2: Bind Bartimaeus on the Jericho Road
Can you name your needs? Be honest. Be bold. God wants to help you!

Story #3: Two Disciples on the Road to Emmaus
Scripture is central to the Christian life. Scripture has the power to open our eyes to the truth of Christ and transform our hopelessness into celebration. 

RP3 patches are for all ages – children, youth, and adults.
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The Story Behind the Patch

“On the Road” was written and sponsored by Mark and Debra Hazlewood in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Thomas A. Steenberg, missionaries to Japan for 35 years. Here’s Deb to tell the story behind the patch, or perhaps the story behind her Dad.
I grew up in Japan as a ‘missionary kid’ and like to think that Dad’s love of scripture has been passed down to me. I remember Dad always studying, always reading, always being in the Word. And if he loved the Word, he also loved the PROCLAMATION of it. He would say, “Have Bible. Will preach!” Dad would preach whole “series” where all the sermons were connected and built upon each other. From Lenten symbols, to Jesus’ last words, to blessings in the Bible, crosses, and even trees and birds in the Bible. It’s no coincidence that trees and birds are two patches in the RP3 Series. Indeed, Dad and his sermons were always in the background informing many of the decisions regarding the RP3 Series. Mark and I chose “On the Road” because this patch is about mission work and taking the Gospel “on the road” – something Dad and Mom did for 35 years in Japan. The patch includes one of my favorite stories about the encounter with Jesus on the Emmaus Road. I can still hear Dad's voice saying, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened scripture to us?" Although you may not know my Dad, it is our prayer that the Gospel that he preached – indeed, the name of Jesus Christ – burn in your hearts as you share and study Scripture with children, youth and families.
Note: Rev. Steenberg passed away in October 2018. Mark and Deb were proud to present a draft of “On the Road” to him before his passing.
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Looking for Sunday School Curriculum for the summer?
The RP3 Series might be the perfect match for your summer Sunday school program. Sunday school curriculum often goes only until the end of the school year. Summer attendance can be difficult to predict and not knowing the grade breakdowns to order new curriculum is challenging. Here’s how the RP3 can address your summer needs:

  • Cost – Download FREE RP3 lessons
  • Flexibility – Choose appropriate themes from 9 different patches
  • All school grades – Combine school-aged children into one class
  • (lessons include questions for both younger children and older youth)
  • Bible literacy – Help children learn Bible STORIES
  • Bible study – Help children learn the RP3 method for simple Bible STUDY
  • Evangelism – Invite scouts in the neighborhood to earn RP3 patches

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Girl Scouts Earn “Birds of the Air” Patch
19 Girl Scouts earned the “Birds of the Air” Patch in conjunction with the Girl Scout “My Promise, My Faith” Pin at a workshop hosted by the Christian Protestant Committee of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. Girls acted out the story of the ravens bringing food to Elijah during the drought, made pine cone birdseed feeders when studying how God cares for sparrows, and flew paper airplanes when learning how God lifts us up on eagle’s wings.  
Full color printed copies of the RP3 lessons are available in the P.R.A.Y. webstore. The lessons are available for free online, but printed color copies in folded booklet format are available in the store. The complete set includes the newest patch, “On the Road.” Order a set for your pastor, Christian Education director, AHG Troop Shepherd, Religious Emblem Coordinator, Troop leader, or homeschool group. Click here to place an order .
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