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Coming next: "Bread"
P.R.A.Y. is pleased to announce that "Bread" will be released in time for World Communion Sunday, the first Sunday in October. "Bread" will be the 12th patch in the Bible Basics RP3 Series and the 3rd patch to be written by a volunteer writer. Rev. Dr. Dustin Petz is an Eagle Scout and serves as Den Leader for his son. His family has enjoyed the RP3 series so much, that they wanted to play a role in creating a future patch "to help the Bible come alive for young people who want to learn and grow in their discipleship." Stay tuned for the release date and to learn more about the Petz family!

Interested in writing a future RP3 patch? Click here for an application form.
Flather Family Sponsors "FIRE"
The Flather Family is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Bill Flather, a military police officer serving in the U.S. Army, is an Eagle Scout from Longhorn Council. Britt Flather, a registered nurse and longtime Scout Camp Nurse, serves on the BSA National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee.
Members of Cedar Falls Baptist Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina, the Flather Family shares their passion for young families and children’s ministries by investing in programs and religious activities that focus on putting the Word of God into the hands of children. 
Bill and Britt Flather have chosen to sponsor the "Fire" patch in honor of their son, Elliott. "May he always value meaningful experiences that fuel his desire to be on fire for the Lord."

Thanks to the Flather Family for their passion for the Gospel. Thank you for blessing the PRAY ministry!
P.R.A.Y. relies on sponsors to enable the RP3 Series to continue as a free resource for ministry through churches and Scouting programs. By sponsoring an RP3 patch, you are reaching out to children, youth and families and nurturing a lifelong love of Holy Scripture. A patch sponsorship costs $1,000 to help cover the startup expenses of new curriculum and patch inventory and to support the P.R.A.Y. ministry. Click here for more information. Contact P.R.A.Y. at 1-800-933-7729 or to sponsor a patch today.
PRAY Volunteer Writer Leads RP3 Virtual Workshops
When BSA's National Religious Relationships Committee needed a volunteer devotional leader to teach two RP3 virtual sessions as part of the BSA's Virtual Interfaith Week June 29 - July 4th, volunteer writer Krissy Richardson stepped forward in a big way. She led 6 sessions over 6 days to teach both "The Good Book" and "Tents and Shelters" patches. Her audience included all ages: Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and adults. Although the 2 patches that Krissy taught weren't ones that she actually wrote (Krissy wrote "Trees" and "Making Room"), she did an excellent job teaching them and making them fun. For "The Good Book" Krissy taught hand motions to learn the books of the New Testament, and she actually taught a session from inside a home-made tent made out of blankets for the "Tents and Shelters" patch.

As a girl, Krissy participated in the Girl Guides of Canada where she grew up. Today, she is involved in American Heritage Girls and serves as a Troop Shepherd in charge of the spiritual growth of the girls in Troop OR3130 in Grace Baptist Church in Warren, Oregon where Krissy is the Children’s Ministry Director.

Thank you, Krissy, for sharing your love of Scripture with Scouts and Scouters through online workshops!
Need Virtual Activities?
The RP3 Series is easily taught virtually, just ask Krissy (see article above). Here's what makes it so easy:

  • The requirements are simple: Read 3 Bible stories and answer questions to Picture, Ponder, and Put It Into Action.
  • There are no Workbooks that are required.
  • You choose the patch and the appropriate themes to suit your group.
  • You may combine school-aged children into one class (lessons have questions for both younger children and older youth) and even include adults.
  • Lessons are free from PRAY.
  • All the teacher needs is the free lesson, a Bible, and a love of Scripture!

Click on the following links to discover how RP3 might serve your online needs!

PRAY Online Resource Library
Make the most out of the RP3 Patch Series. Keep the Bible stories and lessons fresh in your students' minds. Click here for flash cards of the images taken from the RP3 patches. Can your students identify the story? Do they remember the lessons? Keep the stories alive. Use these flash cards to review the Bible stories and make up games to add some fun!
The Good Book patch is the "anchor" patch and should be earned first. After that, it's up to you. We're curious. What patch is your favorite? Whether you earned it or taught it, tell us your favorite patch!
Which is your favorite patch?
Out of the Water
Birds of the Air
Tents and Shelters
Wind of the Spirit
On the Road
Making Room
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