Announcing New Patch: WIND OF THE SPIRIT
“Wind can be soothing, calming, and cooling. Wind can also be scary, dangerous, and destructive. The Bible tells us that God is in the wind, that God is with us in and through all times and situations.”

This opening excerpt introduces “Wind of the Spirit,” the newest patch in the RP3 Series. As we look forward to spring and the wind that accompanies it, use the following lessons to remind us of God's constant presence:

Story #1: Creation: Wind from God
From the very beginning of creation, God has been present filling the world with the wind of the Spirit. The comforting news is that God was present, still is present, and always will be present to us.

Story #2: Elijah and the Gentle Whisper
God comes to us sometimes in unexpected ways.

Story #3: Jesus Stills a Storm
Remember that Jesus is with us even in scary times to remind us to have faith in him.

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Martin Luther said, “The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid.” By sponsoring a patch, you are reaching out to children, youth and families and nurturing a lifelong love of Holy Scripture. A patch sponsorship costs $1,000 to help cover the startup expenses of new curriculum and patch inventory. Please consider sponsoring a patch. Click here to see the patches available for sponsorship. Call P.R.A.Y. at 1-800-933-7729 to sponsor a patch today.
AHG Troop FL8811 chartered by Hopeful Baptist in Lake City, Florida earned two of the Bible Basics RP3 patches last year, but this year they are taking it to a new level: Pioneers (middle school aged girls) are now responsible for teaching the RP3 lessons to the younger girls.
Once a month, the Pioneers take turns leading a lesson. In the fall they taught “The Good Book,” and now they are working on “Holes.” Amanda W. recently taught the Bible lesson on the “Blind Leading the Blind” and led the group in playing Simon Says and doing a Trust fall.

According to Troop Coordinator Paula Winstead, “ I love that the lessons are so well-written that young people can be mentors to people who are even younger. It gives them the opportunity to be leaders and to see how easy it is to share God with others. It's very neat each week to watch these 12-year-old girls lead a group of 5 to 9-year-olds in Bible study and related activities without having to rely on adults. It boosts their confidence and willingness to lead more in the future and gives the younger girls something to aspire to."
Thank you for a great program that makes it easy to incorporate spiritual growth into our troop meetings.
Brownie Girl Scouts from Peace Lutheran Church in Saginaw, MI had a great time earning the “Out of the Water” Bible patch. The girls made Moses “sock babies” and talked about how older sister Miriam would have felt watching her baby brother float in a basket in the river, how God had a plan for Moses, and how Miriam was brave and trusted God. The girls enjoyed making their own dolls to cuddle!

Vivian Morgan, Troop Shepherd for Troop 2206 in New Mexico, is using P.R.A.Y.’s RP3 patches to teach important Bible lessons to her American Heritage Girls. She uses the RP3 lessons for devotions with the Troop, but then assembles individual packets with the materials needed for each girl to complete the activities at home. 
Pictured here is one of the sample activities. This is a “Booth” built from craft sticks from the “Tents and Shelters” patch. Students read about the Festival of Booths in Leviticus how God commanded the Israelites to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and live in “booths” or temporary shelters. Girls built their own booth to remember tough times and to celebrate with joy how God always provides for us.

Vivian’s heart is for these girls - only about a third of the troop is active in church - and she searched for a Bible-based curriculum to use for Troop lessons and devotions.  Bible Basics RP3 was a perfect fit. According to Vivian, “Your program tools are wonderful, teaching of God’s word … You truly have a ministry that has helped us on our journey here in Aztec, NM … All of the lessons are a gift from above. Thank you for all you do!” 

Thank you, Vivian, for sharing your resources with the P.R.A.Y. Community!
Check out her “Birds of the Air" packet and the “Tents and Shelters” packet Visit P.R.A.Y.’s  Community Hub   to access these and other supplemental materials created and shared by friends of P.R.A.Y.
P.R.A.Y.’s Bible Basics RP3 curriculum is available for free online. This is made possible through the commitment and generosity of patch sponsors. We are pleased to announce Max Netzeband as the most recent sponsor. Max chose to sponsor the Tents and Shelters patch with its close connection to camping and his many Scouting memories, and he chose to sponsor the patch in honor of the National Lutheran Association on Scouting: “It is my pleasure to honor NLAS and give a heartfelt thanks to P.R.A.Y. for all they have done in helping NLAS to bring a greater faith to the youth we serve.”

Thank you, Max, for your sponsorship and for strengthening the partnership between NLAS and P.R.A.Y. We appreciate your commitment and support!
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