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P.R.A.Y. Announces "Fire" in Time for Pentecost
P.R.A.Y. is pleased to announce a new patch in the RP3 Series … FIRE.
We had always anticipated launching FIRE during Pentecost, but never did we imagine that it would coincide with the Covid-19 pandemic. In some ways it is most appropriate. Pentecost is traditionally celebrated as the birth of the church with the coming of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit cannot be curtailed by physical distancing! Believers are empowered and emboldened and sent forth to be the church. P.R.A.Y. is pleased to provide this free curriculum as part of our mission to “Build Faith in Youth” and bring children and families closer to Christ.
Fire provides light and warmth and can set the mood. Here are three stories in the Bible that show different and creative ways that God uses fire to catch our attention and ignite us.
Story #1: Pentecost
The Spirit is aflame! It seeks to ignite us.
Story #2: Moses and the Burning Bush
Are you listening? God is calling you!
Story #3: Pillar of Fire by Night
God is leading. You only have to follow.

RP3 patches are for all ages – children, youth, and adults. Request your free curriculum here .
Purchase the new "Fire" patch in the
P.R.A.Y. relies on sponsors to enable the RP3 Series to continue as a free resource for ministry through churches and Scouting programs. By sponsoring the Fire patch, you are reaching out to children, youth and families and nurturing a lifelong love of Holy Scripture. A patch sponsorship costs $1,000 to help cover the startup expenses of new curriculum and patch inventory and to support the P.R.A.Y. ministry.   Click here for more information.   Contact P.R.A.Y. at 1-800-933-7729 or to sponsor a patch today.

The RP3 patches should be an opportunity to recognize children and youth in front of the congregation for going above and beyond Sunday school activities. Here’s a sample ceremony that can be adapted for the presentation of the patches. Use the presentation as an opportunity to not only recognize the young people, but also to challenge adults and families to participate. 
Between PRAY Awards?
The RP3 Series is the perfect “filler.” Not only will the Bible RP3 patches fill the age gaps between the P.R.A.Y. awards, the RP3 patches will advance your students’ Biblical literacy at the same time. Here’s how the RP3 can address your needs:

  • Flexibility – Choose appropriate themes from 10 different patches
  • All school grades – Combine school-aged children into one class (lessons include questions for both younger children and older youth)
  • Cost – Download FREE RP3 lessons

Click on the following links to discover how RP3 might be right for you!
Stories to Inspire
My name is Kelly Carlson and I have been the Troop Shepherd for IL-0318 for the past year. I chose the The Good Book and Out of the Water patches for our girls to do for the 2019-20 year. Another AHG leader and I would teach and guide discussions with each level for about 20-30 minutes. We created a schedule so that every other week each level would get a lesson. During the off weeks, girls would do a fun game or social activity led by their unit and assistant leaders. If a girl was absent, the info was emailed and a parent would go through it with her daughter. When COVID came, I did the lessons over Zoom. 

The lessons were very clear, with good questions for discussion. I found that parents who did the lessons with their daughters had no trouble. The younger girls liked the opening activity too. I hope to use more of the patches and lessons for next year!

~Kelly Carlson  
Stories to Inspire
The children at Brookfield Congregational Church wear stoles on Communion Sundays as they participate in the service. Many have earned their reader’s pin, acolyte’s pin, and usher’s pin which they affix to their stoles. Now they are also wearing the RP3 pins from P.R.A.Y. According to Nancy Snyder, Christian Life Team Leader, “Our church just started using the PRAY Curriculum over the summer. I heard about the RP3 through my Communities of Practice Group I attend. I just wanted you to know from a Sunday school teachers’ perspective, this curriculum is fabulous. We intend to continue with this program right through the fall. The lessons are wonderful, and everything needed is on one page and the children are really listening.”

Photo: Thanks to Stewart and Ayva for doing the hard work of earning the RP3 pins and modeling their stoles!

Note: New additions to the RP3 Series are patches (not pins). Patches can be sewn (or attached using iron-on adhesive) to vests and blankets. They can also be worn as temporary patches off the right shirt pocket of the BSA uniform. Visit the P.R.A.Y. Webstore to view RP3 products .
Go the Extra Mile
Sure, it’s easy to send an email with the RP3 link to download the lessons, but why not follow up with a gift of full color printed copies. The lessons are available for free online, but printed copies in folded booklet format are available in the P.R.A.Y. Webstore. The complete set of 11 lessons includes the newest patch, “Fire.” Order a set for your pastor, Christian Education director, AHG Troop Shepherd, Religious Emblem Coordinator, Troop leader, or homeschool group. Get a break from screen time. Order a complete set here .
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