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Announcing "Bread of Life" for World Communion Sunday
Bread of Life - the newest patch in the Bible Basics RP3 Series - is available from P.R.A.Y. in time for World Communion Sunday, October 4, 2020.

World Communion Sunday is a time when churches across the globe observe Holy Communion and celebrate our oneness in Christ. P.R.A.Y. is pleased to release "Bread of Life" as churches and families will be breaking bread and recognizing Christ as the Head of the Church.

P.R.A.Y. is pleased to provide this free curriculum as part of our mission to “Build Faith in Youth” and bring children and families closer to Christ.

We all need to eat. Bread meets this need and satisfies our hunger. Here are three stories in the Bible that show how God feeds us, sustains us, and provides the bread of life.
Story #1: Manna from Heaven
God provides for us when we are in need.
Story #2: Jesus Feeds the 5000
Jesus multiplies what is given, and all are satisfied.
Story #3: The Last Supper
Jesus invites us to receive him and to remember him.

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Petz Family Creates "Bread" Patch
“Bread of Life” is unique. From start to finish, it has been the family project of the Petz’s. Meet Dustin, Shelly, Derek, and Shaylin.

They did it all ... from coming up with the idea, choosing the Bible stories, writing the lessons, designing the patch, and field testing it. It was very much hands-on. Their journey started in May and will culminate the beginning of October with the launching of the Bread patch for World Communion Sunday.
The Petz's were well acquainted with the RP3 Series. They were using it as a discipleship resource after learning about the series through scouts. From there came the desire to create a patch as a family. After contacting P.R.A.Y. and applying to be a volunteer writer, the Petz’s were off and running, even taking "bread" with them on vacation to Colorado. Writing the lessons proved far more challenging than doing the lessons. After creating the first lesson together, the task of drafting the next two lessons fell upon Dustin, with his family providing input and feedback along the way.
But the family was all in when it came to field testing the final draft. They baked a different kind of bread for each of the 3 lessons. According to Dustin, "The first one, Challah, was probably the most fun, given that we didn't know what we were doing and were quite playful. The last one, The Communion Bread, we did a special 'milk and honey bread' recipe and really had fun!"

After everything had been completed, the children reflected on their experience. Shaylin said, "Making and sharing the bread helped me connect to the stories of Jesus." And Derek added, "This bread is delicious!" Their parents, too, shared their thoughts. Shelly was "grateful for the chance to connect previous sacred meals with current and future meals of faith." And Dustin "loved thinking about students learning about how Jesus feeds and sustains us all through this program." 

It could be said that the Petz's work - far from being over - is really just beginning. How many families, how many scouts, how many churches will bake bread and then break bread together because of this patch? Anyone that completes Bread of Life will have the Petz family to thank. Thank you Dustin, Shelly, Shaylin, and Derek for your hard work and sharing your passion for the Gospel!
Do you have experience in Christian Education? Have you used the RP3 patches? Are you a writer? Do you know somebody who is?

P.R.A.Y. is looking for writers who are interested in joining our volunteer writing team to expand the number of RP3 patches. P.R.A.Y. will work with volunteer writers to match them with patches that appeal to their interests and find a timetable to accommodate their schedules.

According to Rev. Dr. Dustin Petz, “The process went well for me as a volunteer writer. The most fun element was thinking about the passages and considering how to help families learn from it, understand the passage well, and to discover ideas for acting and living out their faith.” The challenges he faced were trimming the questions down to fit the template and writing for a broad audience of children, youth, and adults.

Potential volunteers need to submit the Application Form for RP3 Writers .
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We asked which RP3 patch was your favorite and the number 1 response was "Out of the Water." It was closely followed by "Tents and Shelter" and "Fire."

Out of the Water was released in 2014 when the first batch of RP3 patches was launched. "Tents and Shelter" was released in 2016, and "Fire" just came out this past May. Although these were the top 3 favorites, we were pleased to learn that the votes were spread fairly evenly among all the patches and that the RP3 Series has something for everybody!
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