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This month we’re taking a look at Bible ministry in Jordan. The team there have great opportunities to share the Word of God with both Jordanians and within the growing refugee population. Jordan has become somewhat of a haven for surrounding countries where relentless conflict has forced millions to flee their homes. This brings opportunites for the Bible Society to share the Bible. Jordanians and refugees of all ages are all getting the chance to discover who God is through His Word.

Capital: Amman

Population: 10,458,413 (July 2018 est.)

Official language: Arabic, English widely spoken.

Religion: Muslim, Christian less than 3%

Jordan lies on the eastern bank of the Jordan River with the majority of the population concentrated near the river as much of the country is desert. Sharing it's borders with both Iraq and Syria has led to a huge influx of refugees fleeing war zones. As one of the most stable countries in the Middle East, Jordan is regarded as a safe haven.

This has led to a greater number of people living in Jordan who are unable to work and require assistance. While Jordan has had a fairly stable economy and high levels of education, the arrival of huge numbers of refugees has brought change. Over 13% of the population are now Syrian.

Statistics and map taken from The World Factbook and Operation World .

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Ministry in Jordan

The Bible Society of Jordan are ministering in a time of great upheaval in the Middle East. There are people from 17 different nationalities currently residing in Jordan. Many have been forced to flee war zones in their own homes. Among these misplaced people are around 1.5 million Syrians who have found a safe haven in Jordan for now.

The Bible Society is assisting displaced people in whatever way they can, demonstrating the love of Christ in practical ways. By providing mattresses, food parcels and toiletries, they are helping people survive. But there is a greater impact, that of sharing the Word of God. Some of the people the Bible Society help in this way become open to Trauma Healing counselling and open their hearts to the peace of Jesus. (Photo shows a women's Trauma Healing training session.)

Providing Scripture to Jordanian Christians is also important. Despite Christians being a minority, the Bible Society are able to have an open presence. They are a registered association at the ministry of culture. As a result they can supply bookstores with Bibles, host stands at book fairs and book tables at exhibitions. This opens up great opportunities to make God’s Word available to the wider community.
Amman Jordan
Book Fair Encounters

In Amman International Book fair, a young man came toward the Bible Society booth, looking at the Bibles. One of the team asked him if he had ever read the Bible? He said, “No, but I heard about Christianity and I have a wonderful Christian friend." This young man got a Bible and was really thankful. Shortly after this, the same young man came to visit the Bible Society to share his desire to read the Bible and to know who Jesus is.

On another occasion a woman stopped by the Bible Society booth at the book-fair. She sat down to watch Jesus film which was playing on a screen in the booth. It took a lot of courage for this lady to sit and watch the Jesus film so openly. Seeing her interest, the team offered her a copy of the film and she was happy to receive it. 

These are just 2 encounters at one book fair. God is using these events to speak into the hearts of people who do not yet follow Him.

Children Praying

Please pray for the Bible Society of Jordan and the opportunities that they have to make the Bible Known.

  • Pray that the Word of God will change the hearts and lives of those who own it, that they may experience the full power and presence of God in their lives.

  • Pray for those who have taken refuge in Jordan as they struggle with the loss of all they know and try to survive far from home. Pray that their hearts will be touched by Jesus as the Bible Society reach out with practical help as well as spiritual and emotional support. 

  • Pray for wisdom and protection for the staff of the Bible Society of Jordan as they attend pubic book fairs and openly show their faith in Jesus.

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