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We’re excited about sharing these ‘Extra Insight’ emails with you in 2019. Over the year you will learn about twelve different countries and discover what the Bible Society is doing there to share God’s Word.

This month we’re telling you about Ghana. Children in primary schools would love to have the Bible but many can’t afford them. Read on to find out how the Bible Society is helping.

Capital: Accra

Population: 28,102,471

Official language: English

Religion: 71.2% Christian, 17.6% Muslim, 5.2% traditional, 0.8% other, 5.2% none 

Ghana, in Western Africa has a young age structure, with approximately 57% of the population under the age of 25. While such a high proportion of the population are young, significantly Ghana has one of the highest proportions of persons aged 60+ in sub-Saharan Africa.

Poverty has declined in Ghana, although still sits at a level of nearly 25% of the population. This is most clearly seen in the northern region of the country, which is susceptible to droughts and floods and has less access to transportation infrastructure, markets, fertile farming land, and industrial centres. This region also has lower school enrolment, higher illiteracy and fewer opportunities for women.

Children who have the opportunity to go to school in Ghana receive education on various subjects. The educational system allows the use of the Bible as a reference text for the Religious and Moral Education (RME) classes in both primary and secondary schools. The Ministry of Education allows primary schools to hold collective worship once a week. 

Statistics collected from The World Factbook . Find out more about Ghana through Operation World .

Bibles for Primary Schools

It is wonderful that the Bible is allowed to be shared and studied in schools in Ghana. However, there are few Bibles available to share with the children. Both teachers and pupils are asking the Bible Society of Ghana for Bibles.

A few years ago, Bible Society NI was happy to be able to provide funding for the Bible Society of Ghana to go into Junior High Schools and give out Bibles. In total they gave out over 1,000,000 Bibles.

Now they want to do the same for primary schools. The Bible Society already has a presence in the schools, as they go in and tell Bible stories using drama and activities. They would like to be able to give a Bible to each child they meet.

John's Story

John was 15 years old when the Bible Society visited his Junior High School and he was given a Bible:

“I get up at 5am to do my jobs. I have to clean the house and do the dishes before I come to school. When I first got the Bible I started to read and read and read… I read that you need to humble yourself. God helps everybody. He likes everybody. He doesn’t hate anyone. I used to have to borrow a Bible. Now I can take it and read it at any point in the day. Now I don’t have to borrow from anybody. There are some things that I find difficult to understand, but then I just go and ask my father what it means and he explains it to me. My favourite verse is John 8:31. I want to be a disciple too.”

‘To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.”’ John 8:31 (NIV) 


Please pray for this exciting new ministry in Ghana.

  • Pray that enough money would be raised to provide Bibles for children in primary schools.

  • Pray for the Bible Society staff and volunteers as they visit schools around the country. Pray that they would be able to bring the Bible alive for the children through the drama and activities that they run.

  • Pray for the children in Ghana – many who are living in poverty. Ask God to transform their lives as they receive, interact and engage with His Word. 

Every £5 donated to this project will give a Bible to a child in Ghana.

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