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This month we are focusing on Rwanda, where people who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are being left isolated and alone. The Bible Society of Rwanda is showing love and kindness to those infected and affected by this disease. Through the Good Samaritan programme, training and materials are being provided to help the Church show compassion and care. Thank you for praying for this important work.

Capital: Kigali

Population: 11,901,484

Official language: Kinyarwanda, French, English and Swahili

Religion: 49.5% Protestant, 43.7% Roman Catholic, 2% Muslim, 0.9% other, 2.5% none, 1.4% unspecified

Civil war, along with political and economic upheavals, exacerbated the already existing ethnic tensions in Rwanda. In 1994 there was a state-orchestrated genocide when Rwandans killed up to a million of their fellow citizens. Millions of people fled the country, but many of these refugees have since returned home. The people of Rwanda continue to work through the trauma that they and their families experienced. 

Statistics collected from The World Factbook . Find out more about Rwanda through Operation World.

The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan programme is a Bible Society run programme that helps those who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

HIV is a major problem within Rwandan society. There is a lack of sexual education amongst young people and adults, and there is great misunderstanding of what this disease is and how it is caused. Many believe that HIV is a punishment for sin.

The Bible Society of Rwanda introduced the Good Samaritan programme in order to help churches and faith-based organisations fight against HIV/AIDS. They are working to reduce the spread and prevalence of the disease by providing information, training and Bible-based materials to encourage behaviour change.

The programme uses the story of the Good Samaritan to show how God wants us to treat those around us. Churches and organisations are being equipped to set up Bible-based projects to support and care for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
A Hospital Association

In one district of Rwanda the Bible Society carried out Good Samaritan training. After this training an association was formed to help people in the hospital, by offering various materials such as food and hygiene products, but primarily by sharing the Word of God with them. The association does not have much money, but each member offers their time to help those infected with HIV.

Mr Mbanda, a committed Christian works at the hospital:

“The training I had from the Bible Society of Rwanda on Good Samaritan Programme talking about HIV and AIDS opened my mind… every day I saw people infected by HIV coming into the Hospital, others were in Hospital for several months without any assistance, with discrimination, stigma – they put them in their own room… After getting training on Good Samaritan Program in 2017 by Bible Society of Rwanda, I got knowledge about HIV and how people infected can live positively with the virus and how the Bible asks us to help each other. I took the decision to start with people living in the Hospital on my own financial capacity: I brought food, soap and we prayed together… Those people were suffering a lot but nowadays they have been integrated in the community. We visit them regularly and have started to testify that people living with HIV are able to work and be with others in different activities.”

Small groups of people within the association have started to come together, sewing and doing other activities to raise money. So far, they have been able to:
  • Construct a house and provide materials for a person coming from a refugee camp in Tanzania,
  • Help a woman to integrate into society; helping her to accept herself after she was raped and infected by HIV during the genocide,
  • Start a programme to fight against gender-based violence,
  • Feed people in the hospital once a month,
  • Conduct regular home visits.


Please pray for this important work in Rwanda.

  • Pray for the Good Samaritan training workshops that are carried out. Pray that many will be educated about HIV/AIDS and that people will begin to fight against the discrimination and stigma that is linked to it.
  • Pray for the Church in Rwanda, that it would be a welcoming place to all people, no matter their background or health. Pray that the Bible Society will have the resources to keep supplying the Bibles and materials that the churches and organisations need to share the Good News.
  • Pray for all those who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Pray that they would know God’s healing presence, and that they would understand that they are accepted into His family.


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