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Dear Prayer Partner

There is no doubt- we are living in uncertain times. We worry about politics, the climate and our health, as well as events going on in our individual lives.
But as Christians we need not fear, as we are reminded by in Psalm 121:2, "My help comes from the LORD". What an amazing promise, that when we need help and feel like everything is just getting too much, all we need to do is call on God and he will hear us!

This month in Prayer News we are looking at how we can pray for
Northern Ireland, the Philippines and Argentina.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Pictured above: Children from the Wichí community who have received the Bible in their own language .
"Woven" Holy Week Devotional - Northern Ireland

Holy Week: the greatest week in all of history. Eight days woven into the fabric of countless lives changed forever. This most special of weeks gives us the opportunity, again to pause, ponder and journey through the teaching, trials, tears and triumph of the final week of Jesus' life.

This spring we have written and produced a small devotional resource, “Woven”, to help you engage with Jesus’ journey over the course of Easter week. Woven consists of eight short Bible readings and thoughts for each day from Palm Sunday (5 th April) to Easter Sunday (12 th April).

Over this most significant week, slow down. We want to make sure that we take the time to fully consider the impact that this week in Jesus’ life had on the whole of history.

Woven will be available from the office and to download online from our website from the 19 th March. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media if you’d like to order a copy! We're asking for a donation of £1 to cover the cost of this resource and to go towards Bible engagement in Northern Ireland and overseas.
Pray for this project:

  • Pray that people would read and respond to this devotional and that it would help to grow people in their Christian faith.

  • Pray that we as a staff team would continue to be able to develop resources and projects for the people of Northern Ireland to better engage with their Bibles.

  • Pray that God would challenge you this Easter to think more deeply about the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.
The Tinggian Bible Translation - The Philippines

We have been supporting our colleagues in the Philippines Bible Society for 7 years to provide the Tinggian people with the first translation of the Bible into their language. We are very excited to bring the news that the first draft of the Tinggian New Testament has been completed at the start of this year!

We can’t imagine what it would be like to be reading the Bible for the first time in our own language, we have had the Gospel message in English for hundreds of years. However, the dream of Tinggian speakers to read the Bible in their heart language is one step closer to being complete.

It is important for a person to have a Bible in their heart language. Often words can lose their meaning to someone if they read it in their second, or even third, language. It can be hard for them to understand the true meaning of a passage or verse, and if the person only speaks their first language, they may have no access too the Gospel at all.

Many people have been involved in proofing, checking, and testing the draft already – God’s Word has already reached many Tinggian speakers before this New Testament is even officially published. The plans are not finalised for when this will be officially launched in the Philippines, but we will be keeping you informed on the progress of this translation process!

Translation can be a long process, but the results are always worth it: giving people God’s Word that they can fully understand.
Please pray for this project:
  • Pray for the translators of this project. Pray that they would make the right linguistical decisions as they consider which words to be used in the Tinggian translation.

  • Pray for all reviewers of the first draft of the New Testament. Pray they will remember what they learned in workshops and apply these translation principles in their work.
  • Pray for the people who are waiting for the Tinggian Bible to be produced. Pray that they will be ready to receive the Bible when it is complete and that God would use it to glorify himself.
18 Years on from the Launch of the Wichí Bible Translation - Argentina

Eighteen years ago, the Wichí people received the full Bible in their language. There are currently 60,000 speakers of Wichí and it is one of Argentina’s most actively-used indigenous languages, with families speaking it every day at home and passing it onto their children.

The launch of the Wichí Bible in 2002 was a day of celebration and joy, but the blessings of receiving Scripture in their language didn’t end on that day. Over the years that followed, the Wichí Bible has changed lives, transforming relationships and the community’s way of life.

When the Wichí speakers discuss the impact that the Bible has had on their community, the terms ‘peace’ and ‘living together’ come up often.

“I think about the time when people didn't have the Word of God and there was no peace,” says Calixto, 67. “Now we have places where we all live together in safety, but it wasn't like that before.”

“Life was very difficult before,” agrees Felix (pictured), 69. “Now, even those who aren’t believers benefit from the fact that the Gospel is among us because we have peace in the community.”

Many people in the Wichí community are grateful that the Word of God has given them peace, removed their fears and changed their lives.

“Now the Word of God is with us and, thus, God is with us,” says Ceferino, 39. “Even if I am gone, my children will have the Word of God.”

Now the Argentine Bible Society continue this work in this community with the “I am Wichí” project which encourages Bible engagement among the people.

We often share stories of translations ongoing around the world, but it is important to remember that the work doesn’t stop on the day the translation is launched. Having the Bible in a community’s heart language can truly bring astonishing change for generations.
Pray for this project:

  • Praise God for the difference this project has made in the lives of so many Wichí people. Pray that other translations around the world would be able to have such a big impact on the communities that receive them.

  • Pray for the Wichi communities participating in the “I am Wichí” project, for the teaching and understanding of the Word of God. Pray that this would be reflected in the lives of people and their families.

  • Pray for the Wichi men and women who are facilitators of the Wichí Scripture engagement projects. Pray that they would be encouraged and continue in their work.
  • Please pray for ongoing Bible-based literacy programme in Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi Indonesia. This will be held from 2 March – 17 March, in 6 villages with a total number of learning residents at 1200 people, including children and adults.

  • Pray for the continuing tensions in Iraq- pray for protection for Bible Society staff as they share the Gospel in this situation.

  • Pray for Bible Societies around the world as they seek to carry out projects in the light of the Corona virus. Pray for the safety of staff and volunteers as they continue to do God’s work.
Pray for the team

  • Pray for the Roadshow happening on the 20th March in St. Annes, Church of Ireland, Dungannon.

  • Pray for the team, and our colleagues around the world, as we consider the impact of the Corona virus.
Speaking Engagements

  • 15th March - Andrew is speaking at Ballywillian PCI Youth Fellowship at 7.30pm.
  • 16th March - Catherine is speaking at Lecumpher Presbyterian Women's meeting at 7.45pm.
  • 20th March - Our Roadshow in St. Annes, Church of Ireland, Dungannon at 7.30pm. All welcome!
  • 29th March - Andrew will be speaking at Ballyrashane Presbyterian, Ballymoney, at 11.30am.
  • 2nd April - Catherine will be speaking at 1st Comber Presbyterian Senior Citizens at 11am.
  • 3rd April - Catherine is speaking at the Magerafelt Girls' Brigade display in the evening.

Other Events
  • 16th March - There is a meeting of the BSNI governance committee.
  • 18th March - Keren is attending training at 10am with NICVA.
  • 20th March - Our "Draw My Own Bible" competition closes! Click here if you'd like to enter.
  • 27th March - The production of "Three Ordinary Men" will be preformed in the Market Place Theatre, Armagh at 8pm. All proceeds go to BSNI.
  • 3rd April - The National Bible Society of Ireland hosts their AGM.
  • 5th April - Holy week begins.
  • 10th April - Good Friday.
  • 12th April - Easter Sunday.

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