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Dear Prayer Partner

We are certainly living in uncertain times. Restrictions and rules are often changing, and it can be hard to follow what we have to do to stay safe.

Thankfully, we have an unchanging God who is looking out for us and watching over us. When you feel unsure this month, remember God is our steadfast Heavenly Father.

This month in Prayer News we are looking at how we can pray for
Cameroon, Cambodia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and America.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Pictured above: Children participating in the "Literacy through Learning" project in Cambodia.
On Friday 6th November from 7.30pm-9pm, we'll be hosting 'The Gathering', our Virtual Supporters Evening. We'll have updates and prayer requests from around the world and much more. We'd love to see you there!

We are having another prayer Zoom at 1PM on Wednesday the 28th October, if you would like to come, the link to the meeting can be found here:

This meeting will last approximately 30 minutes. We as a staff team were so encouraged last month and would love to meet with you all again. 

If you are unsure about how to join a Zoom meeting, please contact us and we can help you to access it.
Main Prayers
Pray for Cameroon:

We have recently received sad news from the Bible Society of Cameron, as they informed us that recently two of their facilitators from the literacy programme in the far North of Cameron have been killed by Boko Haram. The two men who were killed leave behind wives and children.

Please join us in prayer as we ask God to watch over the families of these two men. Pray that God would comfort them in this difficult time and that they would know his love. Pray for safety of all of the Bible Society of Cameron’s staff and volunteers as they work to share the Bible in an incredibly dangerous situation.
Literacy through Listening - Cambodia

The “Learning through Listening” project in Cambodia partners with local churches to deliver over 600 classes a year. The goal of this project is to increase literacy in Cambodia, allowing people to read and study the Bible for themselves.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions this project has been able to continue With appropriate safety measures in place. Recently some of our colleagues in Cambodia travelled to a remote village in the Kompong Chhnang province of the country to visit one of these classes.

In this village a group of 12 young students are attending the learning through listening project. One 12 year old girl, named Srey Aun, stood out from the rest of the grip. Her eagerness to learn was clear in her eyes and the Bible society visitors asked her for her story.

Srey Aun lives with her grandparents, having been abandoned by her own parents when she was very young. She attends a local school which has been closed due to COVID-19, but she is far behind her classmates. Even whenever the school is open, she often has to skip lessons in order to work to feed her family.

The literacy through learning programme has really helped her, it has provided a Ray of hope in a desperate situation. Srey Aun hopes that by learning to read and write she will be able to get a good job someday and be able to earn a decent living for her family. She is excited for her new literacy textbook that has been provided through this project.
Please pray for this project:

  • Pray for Srey Aun and her family. Pray that she would find Christ through this project and that God would continue to watch over her and her family.

  • Pray for all those who are attending literacy classes in Cambodia who have been affected by the COVID-19 situation. Pray that God would reach many during this time and that they would come to a saving faith in Christ.

  • Pray for the safety of staff and volunteers as they travel around the country during this time. Pray that they would be protected from the virus as they continue to spread the message of the Gospel. 
Pray for Armenia and Azerbaijan:

Please remember Armenia and Azerbaijan in your prayers. Recently there has been a lot of conflict and unrest. This week Keren and Andrew have been in contact with one of the Bible Society workers in Armenia. She asked for prayer for her country and for the Bible Society staff and volunteers. There is a very real danger where they live, and she told us that the Bible Society staff had been scattered due to the violence.

Please ask God to protect the Bible Society staff in Armenia and Azerbaijan, as they try to speak love and peace into their current situation through the Bible.
The First Complete Bible Translation into Sign Language

In the August edition of prayer news we told you that 700 languages now have the complete Bible, and at the end of September another language was added to this list.
A decades-long project to translate the whole Bible into American Sign Language (ASL) from the original texts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek has been completed. ASL is the mother tongue of roughly 408,000 Deaf people in the US and several other countries, and is the first of the world’s 400 sign languages with the full Bible.
The translation work was led by Deaf Missions, with the support of the community of Christian Bible translation agencies joining together, including the American Bible Society.
This task was carried out by a team of more than 50 people, most of whom use ASL as their first language, with the help of different Christian theologians. This close collaboration has ensured that the American Sign Language Version Bible (in video format) is easy to understand, faithfully and accurately conveys Biblical truth. It is accepted by all major Christian denominations.
“We celebrate the faithful, diligent work of those who have worked with Deaf Missions through the years to get all 66 books translated into ASL – the native, preferred and heart language of Deaf people,” says Deaf Missions CEO Chad Entinger.
According to Deaf Missions, there have been more than one million downloads of the ASLV Scriptures so far!
Pray for the American Sign Language Translation:

  • Thank God for the translation of the Bible into American Sign Language. Pray that those who use it will be blessed by it and grow in their faith as a result.

  • Pray that this will be a great evangelistic tool to those who used American Sign Language as their first language. Pray that it would show them that God is a personal God who wants to know them and speak to them in their own language.

  • Pray for the other translation projects going on around the world, especially those into Sign Language. Pray that more scripture would become accessible for those with disabilities. 
Prayer Snippets
  • Pray for the Austrian Bible Society as they host online Bible Workshops for schools in Austria.

  • Pray for the Bible Society of Brazil as they provide aid to those hit by a cyclone in their country.

  • Pray for the Ukrainian Bible Society as they have been launching the new translation of the Bible. Pray that they would be able to promote it despite restrictions.
Local Prayers
Pray for the team

  • Pray that we would continue to act wisely in our decisions, and that God would guide us in our work. Pray for the team as we begin to work on Christmas resources and fundraising.

  • Praise God for the encouragements we have had over the last month from supporters.
Speaking Engagements

We are not able to visit as many churches in person we are hosting a monthly BSNI Zoom Prayer Meeting . This month's will be on Wednesday 28th October at 1pm.

We would love to see you there and join with you in prayer. Click the picture to get the link to the meeting or keep an eye on our social media pages. If you would like to share this link with your church family we would love for you to pass it on.
"In you, LORD my God, I put my trust."

Psalm 25:1 (NIV)
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