Dear Prayer Partner

On the 9th May Bible Societies all over the world were involved in a global day of prayer. Prayer is right at the centre of what we do and we really appreciate your prayer support through these emails.

The 9th May is a special date as it was this day in 1946 that 13 Bible Societies met in the aftermath of World War 2 to form United Bible Societies.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.
Literacy for the Quechua People in Peru

Levels of literacy in rural areas of Peru are very low. The Peruvian Bible Society have been working closely with the Quechua people to deliver literacy workshops and materials in order to help these people learn to read.

Learning to read will improve their quality of life culturally, socially, economically and, above all, spiritually.

Many rural Christians have participated enthusiastically in these literacy programmes so that they can read and understand the Bible in their language. This also means that they can pass on their faith to others in their families and communities. Many people in rural areas have not had access to education before.

Our main picture above shows a group of Pastors who recently gathered for additional training to encourage Bible reading groups in their churches. These Pastors have been encouraged to motivate their congregations to build and strengthen their reading of the Bible.

Pray for the Quechua people in Peru
  • Pray for the many illiterate people in Peru, especially those in the Quechua people group, that they will develop educationally and spiritually.
  • Pray for the regional coordinators who facilitate and encourage churches to get involved in these literacy programmes. Pray for safety in travel, pray for energy and enthusiasm to face this huge task.
  • Pray for the participants that they feel that they are making progress in the huge task of learning to read.
  • Pray for the churches and their leaders who will encourage Bible reading groups to encourage more Bible engagement and understanding in their areas.
Bible Distribution

For the second year running Bible Societies distributed more than 38 million full Bibles around the globe!

Ma Wen, in the picture to the right, is from China. She is 90 years old and in 2018 she received her very first Bible. She has been a Christian for 25 years - imagine never having owned your own Bible. This lady now has access to stories that will inspire, strengthen and equip her.

In 2018 17% of all full Bibles distributed were internet downloads. Many Bible Societies are making Scriptures available online. One third of all Bible downloads in the world were in Spanish provided by Bible Societies in Latin America.

More than 1.5 million Children's Bibles were distributed in 2018. It is so important to provide Scriptures that are age appropriate for young people so that they can learn and understand in a format that is best for them.

All in all, more than 354 million Scripture items, including Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels and smaller Scripture items like booklets for people learning to read, were distributed in 2018. Thank you for the part that you played in this.

Pray for Bible Distribution
  • Pray for all those individuals, families, churches, and Pastors who received a Bible or a portion of Scripture in 2018. Pray for this living and active word to take root and transform those who read it.
  • Pray for the Bible Society staff all over the world who are involved in Bible Distribution and the work that goes on to help people understand and engage with the Bible.
Pray for Sri Lanka

On Easter Sunday we woke to the devastating news that there had been several attacks on churches in Sri Lanka. More than 350 people were killed with many more having been seriously injured.

The Bible Society in Sri Lanka (Ceylon Bible Society) have reported just how deeply saddened the whole community is after these attacks. They have asked us to keep praying for unity and freedom to worship in their country.

All of the Bible Society team were safe after the attacks but it is a stark reminder that for some of our brothers and sisters danger is very real. The Bible Society team will work to support and help to rebuild the churches after these attacks.
Please pray:
  • Pray for the families of those who were killed and injured during these attacks on Easter Sunday.
  • Pray for the Bible Society team who work in challenging and difficult situations in order to reach everyone in Sri Lanka with your word.
  • Pray for religious unity and freedom in Sri Lanka for the Christian community.
  • Pray for Bible Society work into prisons. We have heard of stories from Austria, Portugal and other countries recently where the Bible is changing the hearts of those who read it.
  • Give thanks for news from translation teams in Albania, Eswatini, the Philippines and many more places for progress on translation work.
Pray for the team

We ask that you continue to pray for the team at this time when we have a smaller staff team than normal. Pray for us as we meet and interview applicants for the recently advertised Communications and Fundraising manager position on the 23rd May.

Speaking Engagements
  • Sun 19th May - 11am - Catherine will be speaking at West Church Presbyterian Church in Ballymena
  • Sun 19th May - 7.30pm - Catherine will be speaking at Derrycrew Mission Hall, Loughgall.
  • Wed 29th May - 7.45pm - Catherine will be speaking at Great Victoria Street Baptist Church in Belfast.
  • Sun 2nd June - Catherine will be speaking at the Children's Day Services in the Tynan group of churches in the Church of Ireland.

Other Events
  • 16th - 18th May - Catherine will be attending the General Synod of the Church of Ireland in Londonderry
  • 16th - 18th May - Andrew will be attending the Irish Youth Ministry Gathering in Belfast
  • 23rd May - Interviews for the position of Communications and Fundraising Manager
  • 1st June - Andrew and Catherine will be involved in a Girls Brigade Resources day in Ballymena
  • The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland opens on the evening of the 3rd June. Catherine will be presenting the new Moderator, Rev William Henry, with a Bible on behalf of the Bible Societies in Ireland.
  • The Methodist Church in Ireland Conference opens on Wednesday 12th June in Cork. We will send greetings to the new President, Rev Sam McGuffin, along with a Bible from the Bible Societies in Ireland.

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