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Dear Prayer Partner

We hope that you are having a good Summer, and have taken some time to rejoice in God's creation- sun or rain! From the Mountains of Mourne to the North Coast to the Loughs of Fermanagh, we are truly blessed to live in this exquisite part of the world. Make sure you take time today to marvel at His wonderful creation!
This month we are looking at translation work in Gabon, the launch of the Malay New Testament in Malaysia and the "Draw My Own Bible" project in Uruguay.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Pictured above: Three of the translators working on the Ghetshogho translation of the Bible in Gabon.
Translation work in Gabon

The Bible Society in Gabon has been working on several translations over the last few years. These include work on translating the Old Testament into the Ghetshogho language, a language widely spoken in the south of the country.

Completion of the New Testament finished in 1983, yet it wasn’t distributed until later due to a fire that burned the entire stock. Once they have had received the New Testament the people began requesting the full Bible in their language.

The Bible Society in Gabon began to work with the people to translate the Old Testament and after just over 9 years project supervisors estimate they have translated 90% of the Bible. This is a very exciting time for the Ghetshogho people- they are so close to having the full Word of God. The full translation will hopefully be complete by 2021.

As a result of more of the Bible becoming available, the church has seen an increase in people coming to faith. Pastors and church leaders have acquired the tools to better enable them to teach and preach the Gospel in the local language. The Ghetshogho speakers can now improve their understanding of the Gospel and can connect with God in their own language. New parishes have been established throughout the area and more people are actively participating in the church. 

Pray for the Ghetshogho translation:

  • Pray for the continued participation and support of local churches. Pray that this project would bring the Christian community in southern Gabon together and it would bless every believer.

  • Pray that the 2019 targets for this project would be achieved and they would remain on schedule for the completion of the full Bible.

  • Pray for the translation team, pictured above. Pray that they would be encouraged and continue their work with zeal. Ask God to preserve their health, and that new translator, who has recently joined the team, would settle into their role.

  •  Thank God for the support this project has received from donors. Please ask that financial support would continue to be provided.
The "Draw My Own Bible" Project in Uruguay

The Bible Society of Uruguay is currently running a project called “Draw My Own Bible”. This is a project designed to help vulnerable children connect with the Bible. Many of the children this project reaches are from low income homes and are often faced with serious problems such as lack of food, improper hygiene and abuse. As a result of their situation, children often miss out on their education and fall behind in their schooling. Many are not able to read or write.

The Bible Society of Uruguay is trying to help these children in any way they can, but while it is important to provide them with counselling, food and an education, it is even more important to provide them with the Word of God. This project was devised as a way of reaching the children in Sunday School classes who are illiterate. Children are told Bible stories, then encouraged to draw what they have heard to help them understand what has been said to them. The Bible Society of Uruguay is also training Sunday School teachers to help the children cope with their difficult circumstances.

It is a simple activity, but they have been seeing a real difference in the children. They are happier and enjoy going to Sunday School where they are loved and taught about God in a way they can really understand. Drawing the stories also helps them to express the emotions that a story has made them feel.
Pray for the Draw My Own Bible Project

  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to support the local church with these materials for children. Pray that many churches would get involved with the project and that more Sunday School teachers would use the materials.

  • Many of the children who are reached with these materials live in very critical contexts, exposed to so many things no child should face. Please pray for the protection of these children and that God would bless them in their lives.

  • We pray for the fundraising that the Bible Society of Uruguay does for this project. Thank God for all He has provided so far and ask Him to continue to provide financially for the Draw My Bible project.
Development of a New Website for the Latvian Bible Society

It is estimated that nearly 1 million people in Latvia have a smart phone, and 80% of the population have access to the internet. As a response to these growing trends the Latvian Bible Society has been working on developing a new website.

The aim of this project is to make information on the work of the Latvian Bible Society more accessible, enable people to buy literature from the new Bible e-shop and serve as a communication tool with the wider Bible Society network. This project was started in April 2019 and is scheduled to take a year to complete. The first phase of development has been completed earlier than expected and they are ahead of schedule.

Please pray:

  • Pray for the work on the new website, that the team can create an engaging and attractive site that people would regularly use.

  • Pray that God will use this technology to raise awareness of the Bible and the projects of Latvian Bible Society.

  • Pray that through the e-shop many people would be able to access Scriptures and literature and grow in their Christian faith.
  • Pray for the Bible Society in Cyprus as they continue to distribute New Testaments to high school students. Every year they give out around 7,000 Bibles to young men and women who are in need of this message of hope.

  • Thank God for nearly 150 years of the Tsarigrad Bible (1871-2021). To celebrate this milestone in the church the Bulgarian Bible Society has been creating a Handwritten Bible, due for completion in 2021. Please pray that this Bible will make people cherish how personal the Bible truly is.

Pray for the team

Pray for the office team as we attend Bangor World Wide Missionary Convention at the end of August. Ask God to provide us with more good conversations at this convention, so we can raise awareness of the many Bible Societies around the world.

Thank God for the conventions we have already been at this summer. We have been at Summer Madness, Keswick Portstewart, New Wine Sligo, Elim Wondrous and New Horizon and have had some fantastic opportunities to tell people about our work.
Speaking Engagements
  • Catherine will be sharing about the work of the Bible Society at Drumhillery Presbyterian Women on Thursday the 5th September 2019 at 8pm.
  • Catherine will be speaking at Knocknamuckley Church of Ireland on Sunday the 8th September 2019 at 11am.

Other Events
  • Pray for Andrew as he heads to London on the 21st of August to meet with staff from the British and Foreign Bible Society. Please ask that this helps him as he develops his role with Bible Society NI.
  • We will have a stand at Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention from the 26th-30th August in Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church. We'd love you to come and say "hello" if you'll be there!
  • On the 9th of September Julia from the National Bible Society of Ireland will be coming to visit our office in Belfast for the day. Pray that this is beneficial to both of our Bible Societies and that God will bless our time together.
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