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Dear Prayer Partner

As a new academic year begins so do many church activities. Girls’ Brigade, Boys’ Brigade, Sunday School, youth fellowships, mums and tots’ groups, 20s and 30s, men’s and ladies’ ministries are just some of the many events in our church calendars. These are fantastic opportunities to invite friends and family members who don’t yet know Christ. Take a moment to think and pray about who you could invite to join you at one of these.
This month in Prayer News we are looking at how we can pray for Egypt, Uganda and Syria.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Pictured above: Despite the conflict in Syria, children are excited to receive their own scripture books.
Kingo Festivals in Egypt

Egypt was the country we focused on in June of this year’s Bible a Month calendar. We heard about the “Kingo” festivals, Christian gatherings where thousands of children come together to meet the friendly lion “Kingo”, learn about God and take part in lots of fun activities! You can read more about this project here .

We have received an update of the summer festivals from General Director Ramez Atallah, which we would love to share with you.

Firstly, he would like to thank all those who have been praying for the work in Egypt. Prayer is vital to the work they are carrying out among the children and young people of Egypt.

Miriam, who is 13 (pictured above), is one of the young people who h ave been participating in some of the summer activities. “Think and Play” is a competition run by the Bible Society of Egypt where children are taught a passage, asked to study it themselves and then answer a quiz. Miriam won the grand prize of a laundry machine this year.

Miriam said, “I will give it to my older sister. She will get married this summer and it will be my gift to her. I got full marks in the quiz, and I am so happy because I did my best studying Matthew. My favourite lesson is “70 x 7” in Matthew 18, about forgiving others. In my village they seek revenge, and it makes me very scared and I worry. But I will join the Sunday school ministry so that I can teach about forgiveness. Thank you so much for making this competition and the event, and the quiz, and the gifts, and many, many good times that I and my family spent answering Matthew booklet.”

Pray for the work among the young people of Egypt:

  • Please pray for the children and young people who participate in these events. Ask God to challenge them and that many would trust in Him.

  • Pray that through these programmes the Bible would be brought into homes that it would otherwise not reach. Pray that whole families would be impacted.

  • Pray that financial support from United Bible Societies around the world would be available. This work cannot continue without funding so please ask that God moves people to support it financially.

  • Thank God that the Egyptian government permits the activities of the Bible Society. Pray that the government allows the festivals to continue and that the work of the Bible Society in Egypt would be able to continue without restrictions.
Braille Bibles for Uganda

There are many people in Uganda who are blind and cannot read the Bible for themselves. This year we have been supporting a project that is producing braille Bibles for those who are visually impaired in Uganda. Watch the video below to find out more about the process of translating the Bible into braille.
General Secretary Simon Peter will be sharing about this project and the rest of the work in Uganda at "The Gathering" our first annual supporters evening. See the bottom of this email for more details.

Please pray for Uganda:

  • Pray that by being able to study the Bible for themselves, those with visual impairments would grow closer to God. Pray that He would use this accessible Bible to speak into their lives.

  • Pray for continued funding for the project as they plan to reach out to the remote areas in Uganda.

  • That the blind everywhere will access adequate education, health and other services necessary for life from the government, church and other agencies.
Scripture Distribution in Syria

If you receive our appeal letters you may remember that in July we wrote about George Andrea and the work of the Bible Society in Syria. We have received an update from George and we would like to share it with you and to ask for your continued prayers for Syria.

The Bible Society bookshop in Aleppo has remained open every single day of the war so far, which has allowed people to continue buying scriptures. Although half of all Syrian Christians have fled the country because of the conflict, Bible sales have continued to grow. When asked why so many Bibles were being sold George answered:
 ‘Isn’t it obvious? It’s everyone else. Those who belong to another religion are in search of the truth – and they find it in the Bible.’

What is happening in Syria is amazing.

‘The war has led people to Christ,’ George told us. ‘No one would have believed this when the conflict began! God has used events that people created for something good.’
People are desperately searching for hope in their lives and they are finding it in Jesus.

Many are traumatised from the war, yet find peace in the message the Bible brings. Children, young people and adults are coming to Christ... and there is still a need for more Bibles!
Pray for the distribution of scripture in Syria:

  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to support those who have remained in Syria with scriptures. Pray that God would speak to people through His Word and that many would come to Him.

  • Pray for the Bible Society staff in Syria, that God would protect them and their families. Thank God for their bravery and pray that He would bless them in their work.

  • Pray for the millions of people affected by the war. Pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes and jobs. Ask that God would bless them as they begin to rebuild their lives.

  • Wednesday 11th September was world literacy day and we would love you to remember our literacy projects in Cambodia, Peru and Pakistan. Ask God that He would bless these people as they learn to read the Bible.

  • Thank God for the completion of the Old Testament into North Sami by the Norwegian Bible Society, along with the Finnish and Swedish Bible Societies. North Sami speakers are eagerly awaiting to celebrate the upcoming launch of the full Bible in their native language.

Pray for the team

Pray for the office team as we organise The Gathering (our first annual supporters evening!).

On the 9th of September we had Julie from the National Bible Society of Ireland visit us. Please remember her as she continues the work in the Republic of Ireland.

Thank God for the fantastic summer we have had. We have been at conventions, meetings and churches all around Northern Ireland and have had many great conversations with some of our supporters.
Speaking Engagements
  • 22nd Sept - Catherine is speaking at Tubrid Church of Ireland near Kesh, Co Fermanagh at 7pm for their Harvest.
  • 25th Sept - Catherine is speaking at Aughnacloy PW at 8pm
  • 27th Sept - Catherine is speaking at Crossdernott Church of Ireland at 8pm for their Harvest.
  • 6th October - Catherine is speaking at 1st Kilraughts Presbyterian at 7.30pm.
  • 10th October - Catherine is speaking at Rugby Avenue Congregational Ladies Guild in Carryduff at 7.45pm.
  • 13th October - Catherine is speaking at Lislimnaghan Church of Ireland (10am) and Cappagh Church of Ireland (11.30am).
  • 15th October - Catherine is speaking at Knocknamuckley Senior Citizens group at 2.30pm.

Other Events
  • 17th September - Pray for Andrew as he joins with the MAP student action team to chat about how Bible Society NI can help equip students.
  • 28th September - Catherine is speaking at The Bible Association of the Church of Ireland conference in the Church of Ireland Theological College Dublin.
  • 30th September - Please pray for our Board members as they meet.
  • 5th October - Andrew is involved in an event for youth leaders in Armagh Church of Ireland Diocese.

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