Biceps tendon tears - what they are, how to treat them

Biceps tendon tears affect an area of our bodies long given to romanticism. They've been nicknamed "guns," "pipes," and "pythons." They're why Popeye eats his spinach. They're where macho men sport elegant, flowery tattoos proclaiming their devotion to "Mom." Rosie the Riveter rolled up her sleeve and became the nation's wartime heroine with hers. They're your biceps. Even if your muscles themselves are toned, they are attached to your shoulder and elbow with tendons that can tear. The tears usually occur from injury or overuse (one too many reps?). The tears can be partial or complete. Either way, they require treatment, and sometimes surgery.
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Seaside CEO named Chief of Surgery at Naples' hospital
Also appointed Medical Director

Landmark Hospitals Chairman Dr. William K. Kapp III has named Seaside CEO and Medical Director Robert J. Zehr, MD, Chief of Surgery for Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida. Zehr, an orthopaedic surgeon with over 25 years of surgical experience in complex joint reconstruction and rehabilitation, arrived in Naples in 1998, to help develop the Cleveland Clinic Naples. He distinguished himself as the Clinic's Executive Director, Chief of Staff, and Head of Orthopaedic Surgery. When the clinic departed Southwest Florida, Zehr, wanting to remain in the area, opened the Zehr Center for Orthopaedics in 2007. In addition to his private practice specializing in hips and knees, Zehr co-founded Seaside Surgery Center, Southwest Florida's only outpatient surgery center designed for total joint replacements, where he serves as CEO and Medical Director.
"We at Landmark are thrilled to have Dr. Robert Zehr taking the lead in our newly established surgery department. We have recently brought four new operating rooms online, equipped with the world's most advanced video arthroscopy technologies developed by Arthrex, Inc.," said Kapp. "Along with his excellent surgical outcomes and surgical skills, Dr. Zehr brings to Landmark a keen insight as to the future of orthopaedics. His vision for the medical community of Naples aligns with ours, namely that Naples will become a medical tourism destination for unparalleled healthcare, particularly orthopaedic jointcare. To that extent, we are also pleased to appoint Dr. Zehr the Medical Director of our joint treatment program. He will be responsible for developing a program similar to the Orthopaedic Center of Excellence he pioneered for the Cleveland Clinic."
Zehr added, "At Landmark we will be able to bring together every aspect of a patient's impending procedure in a system of care that allows the patient to focus exclusively on getting back to the activities of their life. Additionally, the inclusion of Arthrex surgeon education programs will add a unique training dimension exclusive to Southwest Florida. I'm both honored and excited to be part of the Landmark team!"

Surgery at Seaside " a day at the spa..."
"Staff was friendly and professional - felt like a day at a spa instead of surgery! Very happy."
-Robert Zizzi
"The process you have at your surgery center is efficient. Did I have to wait, yes. That said, everyone was so friendly, understanding, listened well, and was detail-oriented. No one looks forward to having surgery, this experience has made me want to have my other knee done soon. A big thank you to everyone there. The entire experience was positive.
Thank you,
-Howard (Chip) Saunders

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