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"Seniors for Seniors"

March 30, 2019
Michele's Message
It’s that time again! 

America’s Family Pet Expo at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa is next month and we need your help in our booth. This year's event runs from Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28. Here is the link to their website for additional information.

America’s Family Pet Expo promotes responsible pet care for current and future generations of animal lovers, so what better place to promote our senior bichon rescue efforts. Your participation includes free admission and you are welcome to enjoy the event before and after your shift.

Can you volunteer on any of the three show days or can you assist with set up on Thursday or breakdown on Sunday? Four volunteers should be in the booth at all times. 
Daily parking is $9 but your Exhibitor Badge allows you free admission to the show (a $16 value). If you would like to participate all three days, we can purchase a three-day pass for you for $12 (a $15.00 savings). 

Entering and parking at the fairgrounds can be quite challenging and time consuming. Please consider this when choosing your shifts.  

Here are the available shifts:
Please reply with your first and second choice for shift times as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email me directly at:
Thank you so much for your participation and support,

Michele Olivier
Bichon Rescue of Orange County
Foster Fun
Happy Saturday Fosters...

It's almost the end of the third quarter and we've been super busy!

We've placed 21 dogs so far this year and we could not have done that without all of you. Fosters are key to our mission and crucial to us serving these pups.

If you are already on our volunteer roster as a foster, won't you please step up and do so? Only one-third of our fosters actually foster. We really could use your help.

Thank you to that one-third. Without you - I don't know where we would be?

For those of you who are fostering pups, please remember we are always in need of their updated bios and pictures. It makes sharing them with our prospective adopters, that much easier.

Always Appreciative,

Lori Jo Gresowski
BROC Advisory Board
Foster and Adoption Coordinator
Home & Happy
BROC Friends and Family...

One of the best parts of working with Bichon Rescue of OC is being able to share our pups and our adopters with our community.

Last year I started making our "Home & Happy" magazine covers whenever one of our pups was adopted. It truly makes me smile, each and every time I get to create one. The "covers" are posted, from May of last year to present, on our Facebook page, which you can find here: BROC Facebook

If you adopted a pup from us over the last year and we did not make a cover for you, it simply means ... I need an "adoption family" picture.

So... since I know we're missing a few, please feel free to send me your gotcha day picture, vertical in scope with plenty of room at the top for our " home & happy " logo. March's "Home & Happy" covers are coming soon. Let's get your family pic in the mix!

You may email your high resolution images to me at :

Feel free to send me post adoption pictures as well. We always love to share your fluffs with our audience on social media. By sharing our happy bichon images, it encourages more people to foster, adopt and even donate.

Your continued support of BROC is greatly appreciate by all of us at Bichon Rescue.

See you all at Pet Expo next month!


Stacy Massey
BROC Advisory Board
Community Relations and Events
This could be YOU & Pup
Billie with Marti
Fancy with Carol
Snowball with Emma & Doug
Shi with the Wood's Family
Bennett with Joyce & James
Mozzie and Mary
Josie and Gail
Happy with the Parker Family
Popcorn with Sarah
Lady Sadie with Elizabeth
Kane and the Recana Family
About Us
Bichon Rescue of Orange County California  is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of neglected, abused, or otherwise homeless senior Bichon Frises, bichon mixes and other small non-shedding breeds, placing them into permanent, stable, and caring forever homes.

We believe in the value of our senior citizens as adopters as well as fosters and are committed to their advocacy and support through our “Seniors for Seniors” focus.

We believe in promoting awareness of the need to spay and neuter pets, and of the importance of proper medical, dental and nutritional care.

We believe in cultivating a volunteer spirit in our youth and educating them about the importance of pet advocacy.
Senior Dogs:
We believe senior dogs contribute positively to our quality of life and have much to teach us about patience, respect, responsibility, loyalty and unconditional love.

We believe every senior dog deserves to live out their golden years, months, weeks or even days in a place of love, security and peace.

We believe dogs are not a disposable commodity; rather, they depend on us to care for them through all stages of their lives.

We believe in providing educational support, advocacy, and sharing of best practices for those who support senior dogs.