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Biden Cancer Moonshot

    J. Morris Hicks
You've been hearing from me about this initiative since January of this year. Since then, I have sent a total of six letters to Biden's team and have received nothing but form-letter responses.

In January, they claimed that they would leave no stone unturned when it came to conquering this deadly disease. They have failed miserably in that effort. Yesterday, they posted a Blue Ribbon Panel Report at

With ten primary areas of focus, only one sounded even remotely possible that it might include some mention of diet. IT DIDN'T . Read it here for yourself; not a single word about diet:

#7. Expand use of proven prevention and early detection strategies

Several cancer prevention and risk-reduction strategies have proven to be highly effective, including tobacco control, colorectal cancer screening, and HPV vaccination. Boosting prevention research to identify ways to increase uptake of these strategies, especially in medically underserved populations, could greatly reduce incidence and death from lung and other tobacco- related cancers, colorectal cancer, and cervical and other HPV-related cancers. The recommendation also calls for increasing testing for hereditary cancer syndromes in people with certain types of cancer and their family members, so those identi ed as high risk can begin early prevention or screening efforts. 

The Bottom Line. What to do now? This news is very disappointing but not very surprising. This week, we (Colin Campbell and I) reached out directly to an individual who donated $250 million to the project. He also seems to have an "open mind" regarding cancer--as you can see from this  PBS interview with Judy Woodruff.

I keep telling myself, "It only takes ONE prominent person with an open mind to turn this whole mess around." The "mess" I am referring to is the absolute refusal of our HUGE, $3 trillion healthcare monster (in just the USA) to even consider any form of cure or treatment that does not provide for a hefty, never-ending revenue stream. 

Stay Tuned!!

I hope someone will forward this message to VP Biden and President Obama.

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