October 2022

President Biden signs the SBIR/STTR reauthorization act.

We can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The SBIR/STTR programs were set to expire on September 30 but the reauthorization was passed by the House after passing the Senate. This now ensures that there will be no expiration of the SBIR and STTR program for the next 3 years, moving the termination date to September 30, 2025 as well as make certain changes to the program regarding reporting requirements related to research security and increased standards and benchmarks for multiple award winners.

Notable revisions include:

Limiting foreign risks through due diligence and disclosure obligations

The bill includes a due diligence program to determine security risks presented by small businesses that are affiliated with foreign interests. These programs will be mandated to assess a small business’ cybersecurity practices, patent portfolio, and foreign ownership, including any financial ties or other obligations to a foreign country, person, or entity.

Increased minimum performance standards for repeat awardees

The bill will require those receiving 50 or more Phase I awards during the previous five fiscal years to have an average of at least two Phase II awards per four Phase I awards. Failure to do so will limit the amount of Phase I and Phase II awards a small business can receive to 20 for one year after the date the agency makes the sub-standard performance determination. To track progress of firms transitioning from Phase II to Phase III, businesses receiving more than 50 Phase II awards during the previous five fiscal years must demonstrate an average of $250,000 in sales and investments per Phase II award received during that period. Sales will be increased to $450,000 if a small business receives more than 100 Phase II awards in the previous five fiscal years.

Agencies are required to implement these performance standards by April 1, 2023. BBCetc will continue to keep you informed of any developments as the agencies adopt these requirements.

If you have any questions, contact BBCetc at 734-930-9741.

BBCetc awarded a FAST grant

BBCetc has been awarded a FAST (Federal and State Technology Partnership Program) grant from the Small Business Administration and we’re using it to create an initiative that supports underserved groups—women entrepreneurs, socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners, businesses in rural locations, and more.

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7th Annual From the Sources’ Mouth Fall Event was a big success

SBIR/STTR program directors from all 11 participating agencies gave participants valuable tips for securing SBIR/STTR funding to move their innovations forward.

Use the link below to watch recordings of all three days.

September 13

Presentations from SBA, NSF and NASA and a panel discussion with USDA, DOT, DOE, and NOAA.

September 14

Institutes within NIH and Health and Human Services with presentations from CDC, NHLBI, NCATS, and NIAID.

September 15

Presentations from DOD and DARPA along with a panel discussion featuring MDA, NAVSEA and DHS and one all-ARMY discussion.

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BBCetc Training – October/November

NIH Specific Aims Clinic

October 12

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Live Virtual Workshop

This virtual classroom helps you learn to craft the strongest possible Aims page—the most important page in your proposal—to make the best impression on your reviewers.

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Essentials of SBIR/STTR Commercialization

October 20

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

Live Virtual Workshop

This session will review the requirements and guide you through where to start, what to include, and how to best address each agency’s review criteria.

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How to Prepare a Budget for SBIR/STTR Proposals

October 26

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Live Virtual Workshop

A proper budget can be an effective tool in driving your SBIR/STTR project from start to finish. This session walks you through the entire development of a project budget.

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QuickBooks & Compliance for SBIR/STTR Awardees

November 2

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Live Virtual Workshop

Learn how to manage your SBIR/STTR grant or contract to improve your odds of moving from Phase I to Phase II, and Phase II to Phase III (transition and/or commercialization). 

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Policies & Procedures for SBIR/STTR Awardees

November 9

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

Live Virtual Workshop

Learn how to set up and manage procurement policies, payroll, employee leave, and other internal controls necessary for success

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Is your Financial Conflict of Interest policy up to date?

The National Institutes of Health requires institutions receiving NIH grants to maintain an up to date, written and enforced policy to identify and manage Investigator Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) and to post the policy on their publicly accessible website.


This feature applies to all NIH applicants and/or recipients, with the exception of Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) applicants and/or recipients.

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Register for the Blue Cyber – Cybersecurity Boot Camp

Blue Cyber - Cybersecurity Boot Camp

Small Businesses and Academic/Research

Contractors and Potential Contractors

October 26, 10am - 4pm EDT

• Register on the SBIR.gov web page 

• Hear powerful speakers and learn what cybersecurity steps you need to protect intellectual property and DoD Sensitive Data

• Get more information from Kelley.Kiernan@us.af.mil

Client Success Story: ARBORSENSE, INC.

Arborsense is commercializing its patented graphene-based sensor technology for rapid and sensitive monitoring of biochemical markers. The company’s president, Girish Kulkarni, talks about working with BBCetc to help them secure SBIR funding.

I would HIGHLY recommend consulting with BBCetc for anyone looking to apply for federal SBIR grants. Registering your company on government portals, writing your proposal, collecting necessary documents, and submitting the application online is an extremely daunting and painful task.


I attended my first BBCetc training with Andrea Johanson in 2015, and I still use the slides and notes I took back then. We were awarded an NIH Phase I in 2016 and Phase II award in 2017.


During the peak of COVID, we wanted to apply for another SBIR. On short notice I contacted the BBCetc team. Their training was invaluable in helping us obtain two more SBIRs!

Girish Kulkarni, President Arborsense, Inc.

How can the Air Force quickly get contracts to small, emerging technology firms?

RAPIDx is a decentralized network of collaborative contracting cells across the Air Force that specialize in sustaining both innovation and emergent technologies. Their mission is to achieve unity of effort between internally relevant procurement professionals and externally relevant solutions that immediately bolsters business agility across a broader Department of Defense and economic spectrum.

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Mark BARDA Industry Day

on your calendar

BARDA Industry Day

November 15-16, 2022

Virtual event

BARDA Industry Day (BID) is an annual, two-day virtual conference featuring presentations from BARDA and our industry and interagency partners on the ongoing collective efforts to support continued innovation and advancement in medical countermeasure (MCM) development and preparedness against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, pandemic influenza and emerging infectious diseases.

This event includes a networking hub between public and private sectors within the health security space, offering many opportunities for attendee-to-attendee engagement.

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