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We've got big news. 
There's not-so-good news, there's good news, and there's great news. 

Let's tackle the not-so-good news first. 

This is the not-so-fun part. As you know, it's important to us to offer grass-fed, humanely raised, and antibiotic/hormone free steak.The truth is that it doesn't come cheap. We have been paying more and more for our grass-fed steak, so we are finally having to bite the bullet... 

We are adding a small add-on price for steak. To keep it as fair as possible, the steak will be priced "size-appropriately".... 

$.25 to add steak to a mini
$.50 to add steak to a small
$.75 to add steak to an original
$1 to add steak to a big bowl 

We hope you will understand. We know it's a big change. 

Now onto some better news!

We don't like price increases at all (and we know you don't either), so we also wanted to share some good news that we hope you will find more exciting:

We are bringing back the small bowl size.
Remember the small bowl? Well, when we said goodbye to it last January, you let us know that you wanted it back... So we're bringing it back! 

We are searching for an awesome compostable bowl right now, but, in the meantime, you'll see our old small bowl (the black recyclable bowl) in our restaurants. We appreciate your patience with us as we find a compostable bowl - we were just super, super eager to give you back the small bowl :) 

Some of you may be asking, "Wait, what about the little bowl?" Well, it's high time that we clarify everything. Did you know the little bowl is actually the same amount of food as an original burrito? Because it is! So, we're going to make things simple and re-name the little bowl the original bowl.

We know this is a lot of info. So, to recap, we will have three bowl sizes:
The big bowl
The original bowl (formerly known as the little bowl)
The small bowl

And, as always, we will have our original, small, and mini burrito sizes :) 

We are getting creative with our salads. 
Turns out the Kale Cobb wasn't really a hit. It was only 1.7% of our sales. So, we're saying bye to the Kale Cobb (sorry to those of you who are fans)

What can you expect in its place? New specialty salads, straight from our Director of Culinary (aka our Good Food Dude). These specialty salads will will include the New England Harvest and other new, bold salads and will be priced $.50 higher than our usual salad offerings. 

First up: the Charred Broccoli. 

What's in it? Skillet charred broccoli, romaine lettuce, toasted farro, creamy goat cheese, pickled onions, candied sunflower seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette. 

We promise, it's delicious. 

The Tropi-Kale is here to stay. 
We introduced the Tropi-Kale as a summer smoothie special and we never could have imagined that it would be as popular as it is. Guys, you have made it almost as bestselling as the Nutella Milkshake and the Jimmy Carter Shake. So, we are listening to you and we are putting the Tropi-Kale on our permanent menu. 

Tropi-Kale fans, rejoice! 

Now for the best news :)

We know we're making a bunch of changes and, along with these changes, we want to do something just for you, our amazing guests. These changes will all happen at each restaurant on its Free Burrito Day. (Say what?!) 
Yes, you read that right: Free. Burrito. Days. 

Starting tomorrow (yes really, tomorrow!), we are kicking off Free Burrito Days throughout September in all of our New England locations.  To our guests in DC & Bethesda, we know you're not in this month's schedule, so stay tuned for some other cool stuff coming your way soon ;)

Check out our schedule for a Free Burrito Day near you :) 

* All Free Burrito Days are 11am - 8pm, except for 11am - 4pm at Federal Street, Congress Street, and Pearl Street.

* Just like our Free Burrito Days of yore, minis and smalls will be totally free, originals will be $1, and big bowls will be $2. 

* On each restaurant's Free Burrito Day, that restaurant won't have app/online ordering... you gotta come see us to get your free burrito ;)

One last thing (we swear!)... In lieu of paying full price for your burrito, we hope you'll consider making a donation to Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign, which seeks to connect healthy, nutritious food with kids in need and to raise awareness of the child hunger crisis in the U.S.  In our Burlington, VT community, we will be raising funds directly for Hunger Free Vermont, a Share Our Strength ally that is dedicated to providing nutrition education and expanding access to nutrition programs that nourish VT's children, families, and communities. We will be collecting donations at each restaurant's Free Burrito Day, if you'd like to donate.

That's all the news for now (whew!). We can't wait to see you at our Free Burrito Days. 

Thanks so much from your friends at boloco :)  



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