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Virtual Frog God Game Day will be on May 31 st , 2020! It will be happening on the Frog God Games Discord Channel, where Frogs and others will be running games throughout the day.

Only a certain number of seats are available. When registration opens, you’ll want to sign up right away to guarantee your slot for the Game Day. There are fewer than 150 tickets available.

Scents and Sensibilities — We are selling an e xclusive Game Day module during the week leading up to Game Day. We’ll keep you posted on where to get it.

Frog Gear — Visit Frog God Games's shop, for cool artwork on awesome products! The Game Day T-shirt and other Frog God gamer-gear are available now, so you can order your stuff and have it by Game Day.

Games and Game Masters — The games all use Frog God and Necromancer Games modules, including some previews of unreleased adventures. Swords & Wizardry, 5th Edition D&D, and Pathfinder are all represented.

Badges - There will be 3 types of badges available:

Squire Badge (70 available)

Cost: FREE


— Seat in one game and a lottery ticket to play in Bill's or Matt's game. 

— Selection of seats for games is first come, first serve in priority after the holders of Frog Badges holders.

Knight Badge (70 available)

Cost: $5


— Seat in one game and a lottery ticket to play in Bill's or Matt's game.

— A $10 Frog God Games store coupon (cannot be applied to the Game Day Module)

— Selection of seats is first come, first serve in priority after the Frog Badge holders.

Frog Badge Bill's Game (5 available) or Matt’s Game (3 available)

Cost: $80


— A confirmed seat in Bill or Matt’s game

— First-priority choice in picking your second game

— A $10 Frog God Games store coupon (cannot be applied to the Game Day Module)

— A copy of the exclusive Game Day Module, Scents and Sensibilities (choose PFRPG, 5e or S&W) shipped to you free in the USA. Additional copies can be purchased at the store.

— A copy of Book of Dirty Tricks by Bill Webb, signed by Bill, shipped free to you in the USA.

Important Dates:

May 17 Registration Opens (2PM Central time)

May 18 Frog Badge sign-up for games begins (2PM Central time)

May 19 Lottery for Bill and Matt’s games will be held during the Discord Frog Chat at 8PM (Central time)

May 20 Knight Badge sign up for game begins (2PM Central time)

May 21 Squire Badge sign-up for games begins (2PM Central time)
Hello, friends! Today we go over how to run combat by air, land, and sea in this episode of Swords & Wizardry 101! Tune in next time for a breakdown of monsters and how they function in the game. Thank you all for watching, and keep going on adventures worth winning!

Sequel to our Book of Taverns 1, the Book of Taverns Two gives you two more strange watering-holes for your fantasy RPG game. Both of these system-neutral taverns offer NPCs for the characters to interact with (or slay), a diverting history, convenient descriptions, and compelling adventure hooks.

The Witch’s Teat is a tavern cursed with a portal to hell itself. As one can imagine, the management has found ways to take advantage of it, and the characters might be in for a very interesting time when they make their visit.

Quintain’s Tower presents a tavern off the beaten path with a bizarre clientele: ogres and goblinoids! The ruins of this once mighty human fortress have become a drinking spot, meet-up, and trade bazaar for the many dangerous humanoids dwelling in the area. The old castle holds many secrets, not the least of which is a pair of rival cults. Management recommends the steamed spider legs.

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Bard's Gate is known for its majestic splendor, fine craftsmanship, and artists, but these four adventurers aren't in that part of Bard's Gate. Join our heroes as they begin to explore the Tent City outside of Bard's Gate while they learn that not everything is right in the city of the muse.

Planet X Games has an announcement of interest to our fans!

Much like our previous adventure modules,  Escape from Skullcano Island  is an old school, grindhouse-style combination of classic role playing adventure and 5E roleplaying style, cram-packed with b-movie, monster movie-era badassery to challenge even the most seasoned of adventurers. This is our most ambitious and outright crazy adventure module yet. It clocks in at over 100 pages and if the stretch goals are met,  it could be as large as 140   pages ! A fellow writer got a sneak peek and said " If the Isle of Dread dropped LSD with the island from Lost while watching old giant   monster movies and listening to Black Sabbath, this is the adventure that you'd get ". I honestly couldn't think of a better endorsement.

Escape from Skullcano Island  is a high-level adventure designed for a group of Tier 4 player characters, but is easily scalable for Tier 3 level challenges. If slappin' down apocalyptic death cults or taking on titanic kaiju in a land that time forgot is in your wheelhouse, then you're in the right place. We're excited to take you back to a time when the simplest things in life were worrying about making your saving throw against some giant monster's lightning breath or duking it out toe-to-toe with a bunch of entropy-worshiping doomslakers in the heart of a raging volcano. Oh, and there's plenty of face-offs against slobbering monsters of all shapes and sizes to whet your appetite for the old school. Feel like taking on a two-headed gorilla-god in the ruins of ancient flooded forest? We've got that too, in all the pulpy, retro, Grindhouse-style you can handle. In the end, we wanted to write the kind of stuff that we would want to play ourselves. After all, who wants to spend a night of gaming not having fun?

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Tadpoles Alice and Brandon sit down to talk with Elizabeth Murphy about her adventure, For the Love of Valentine. Come and learn what is brewing in the city of Freegate when corruption reigns and a new religion is on the rise.

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