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Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Starting to think about gifts to share for the upcoming holiday season?   Asian Pears make great gifts!  Share a box today. 
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                                                                        October 2013

Pear Giant. 


During this phase of our harvest season we begin to pick our most gigantic Asian Pears.  Several of our late season varieties (Atago, LilySan and Olympic) as they ripen on the tree, swell into superb sizes.   Atago, featured here, is a medium sweet and crisp pear known for its tremendous girth and heart shape.   


One can enjoy a larger size pear when ordering our Gourmet Lover's Gift Box (4 larger pears 'peared' with our dried fruit).  


However, if you are looking for that special center piece for a holiday table,  please contact us to find out how to purchase a single extra-large pear (approximate diameter 5" to 6" and an approximate weight of two pounds).

Pear Cider.

Asian Pear Cider  


Let the pressing begin! 


Enjoy freshly pressed Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Cider available now at any Mid-Atlantic Region Whole Foods stores (select stores in PA, NJ, VA, MD, DC, OH, and KY).


You can find this thick, rich and sweet treat in the Produce Department at Whole Foods.  To locate a Whole Foods near you, click here.


If you'd like to know about other boutique retail or restaurant locations carrying our cider, please email us.


Pear Harvest.

Brisk Autumn mornings are yielding beautiful colors in our orchard. This helps make the work of our crew as they pick the large and heavy pears, serene and peaceful.


These large pears, like all of our fruit, are hand-picked and carefully placed in a padded picking bucket. Each bucket (often weighing forty to fifty lbs) is toted to the picking wagon where each pear is carefully removed and placed into a protective foam, field sock. 

Pear South.

Asian Pear Wines SpiritsSubarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Wines Spirits debut this month in Maryland!


Visit our website to find out where to purchase our wines and spirits in the Black-Eyed Susan State as well as learn about events in Maryland featuring our wines and spirits.

It's already been an exciting and warm welcome by our friends below our Southern border! 

Poached Asian Pear with Meyer Lemon         

Art of Poaching Asian Pears 


A glimpse into the art of poaching Asian Pears. This art form has served up this sweet delicacy for centuries in Europe as a feast for royalty. Of course, such tradition continues today for all to enjoy. Print Restaurant of New York City, actively supporting local farms by sourcing from them to create a fresh, creative and diverse menu, has often included our own Asian Pears as the basis of this grande dessert.


Click here to link to an easy poached pear recipe; all you need to do is use Asian Pear white wine instead of red.  To purchase our fresh, gourmet Asian Pears for this recipe,  visit us online, click here.






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