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Big Brother, Gator, Volunteer, Author and Scholar 
The Many Hats of Brian Byrne

Meet Brian Byrne one time and you have made a friend. Speak to Brian Byrne one time and get motivated.  Be Brian Byrne and you will be one busy college student who is filled with talent, intellect, love for family and friends, energy, a drive to learn, and, yes, acts of kindness that do make a difference. 

Brian is a sophomore at the University of Florida where he is majoring in Environmental Science.  As part of the honors program, he has excelled academically while holding down a part-time job and helping out with his 9 younger siblings.  For the record, he is the second oldest child of 11 children.  His parents and siblings reside in Gainesville as well. 

Now that the Spring semester has ended at UF, Brian is now busy with his summer pursuits. Rather than just spend the summer at the beach and watching endless movies on Netflix, Brian decided to put his summer time to good use by serving as a camp counselor at Camp I Am Special which is a summer camp for special needs kids and adults. Each camper is paired with a buddy to make sure the camper gets the most out of his / her summer experience. After a few years as a buddy at the camp, Brian will now be working as a camp counselor. Brian will work at the camp for 6 sessions.  Here is a link to read more about the camp:

During the summer, Brian is also taking some college courses so he can continue to move forward in his academic pursuits. If all of the above was not quite enough to take in, Brian is also  hard at work writing a novel.  There is a scientific and futuristic twist to the book.  

How does Brian get all of this done?  I do not know.  At just 18 years old, he is quite busy but always seems to have time for his large family and friends.  

Big Brother, Gator, Volunteer, Author and Scholar . . . In the fall, Brian will add Resident Advisor to his list of accomplishments.  He will serve as a RA in the Beaty Towers dorm at the University of Florida. 

Certainly, we live in a busy, fast-paced world.  Brian sets a good example of what you can do with your time to grow as a person and to help others along the way.  So, when you think you are pressed for time and have no time to grow as a person or help others, think about Brian Byrne and what can be done with a bit of commitment, effort, and heart. 

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Brian Byrne and all of the other people out there making the community a better place and inspiring others to do their part as well. 

If you have a story to share about your good deeds or the good deeds of others in the community, please e-mail us at

Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good. 

Good Deed Brigade - Making A Difference
Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, 
it's all good.

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