Those of you who have been shopping with us for  along time know at one time we were able to get a lot of this kind of gear. Well, since the 1990's the supply has really dried up for finding this kind of stuff in quantity. We have been looking hard and between searching hard and clearing our warehouse have found some great stuff. Quantities of all these are limited.
Ok bottom line up front- all the WWII stuff we found is on one page here: so if you want to go check it out direct follow that link. Below are some of the highlights we found!

First up, real WWII and WWI Canteens. These are the real deal, metal canteens used all the way into the 1960's. They are in good usable shape still and lots of people want these to use over the plastic ones made today. We have the stainless steel and the aluminum WWII ones available as well as a limited number of the WWI ones. just $14.95 for WWII and $19.95 for WWI.

Next, WWII suspenders. We have the M-1936 style that was used for most of the war as well as the M-1944 style that came in late in the war and served up into the 1960's. We have the M-1936's starting at $25, with hand select options for conditions and date, and the M-1944 for just $15!

How about WWII Entrenching tools? WWII helmet nets? All those are on the page too!

Also in are a stash of WWII bandage pouches, all original for $5.00 each. Used from WWII into the 50's, these are original WWII ones. We hand select if you want the darker or more faded ones.

There are a few more items on the page and I am working to add even more after the email goes out- so check the entire vintage listing page out now!