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as David Bowie sings...
@ The Community Church
October 30, 2020
What's New @ the Community Church?
Pretty Much Everything! Check It Out...
"Sunday Morning" is a 40 to 45 minute livestream worship experience from our studio at Gorton featuring a sermon, live music, scripture, and prayer. You'll receive an email at 9:55 am with a link to our service, which will also be on our website. Sorry, but we cannot have worshipers at this time so "Sunday Morning" is online only.
"The Screened Porch" is our all-new ZOOM coffee hour immediately following our "Sunday Morning" service. All you need to do is click the link which will be in Sunday's email.
"Wednesday Night Supper" you'll receive an email at 7:00 pm with a link to a weekly treat where Chefs Tom, Sean & Matt will provide you with some midweek "food for thought." Check out the 20 to 30 meal with your family that will include a message, music from our archives - or live music! - and ???. It's all designed to provide an enjoyable mid-week break!
"Pop Ups" are our periodic, outdoor weekend events that will be (a) announced in the Friday newsletters, and (b) be held when the weather is forecast to be reasonable! Keep an eye on upcoming newsletters for "Pop Ups!"
* * * rule breaking alert * * *
our first Pop Up will be @ 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday
@ the Lake Bluff Gazebo - an informal community event
(masked & socially distanced gathering)
to pray for our country and leaders
we enthusiastically encourage you to bring
children, friends & neighbors...
"A Spirited Take" provides a video and podcast platform for Sean Miller, Matt Dewar and Tom Dickelman to consider the great questions of life and faith. Check out our Twitter page #ASpiritedTake and keep an eye on your email for our first show scheduled to go be out in the next few das=ys...
So, What's The Deal With All This Change?
A Few Thoughts From Tom...
"Sunday Morning" Nov. 1
(there's a lot that we are not!)
a livestream service sent directly to your inbox @ 9:55 am including an original song by Tom with additional All Saints Day thoughts by
the Rev. Sean Miller and special music by "Fam Band"
with Fred & Matthew Koch and Ken & Scott Hall -
livestream also available on our website
Don't Forget to Turn Your Clocks Back One Hour
on Saturday Night for Daylight Savings Time!
Question: How is the Community Church able to turn on a dime, and make such significant and rapid changes to their ministry?
Answer: First, we can make swift changes and adjustments to our ministry because we are blessed - unlike most not-for-profits, charities and churches - with a structure that does not impede change. Our structure supports change and innovation because the people who are our church trust the leadership of our ministers and staff. Second, we are only able to do what we do because of your financial support. We've been blessed with the people and tools we need to do our work - and none of it would happen without you making it happen. Thank you, and please remember to support our church through the 2021 Annual Fund so we can continue to make things happen - and when needed, make big changes to how we do God's work.
Community Contemplation
November 1 - 7

Wednesdays & Sundays - OUTSIDE
Tuesdays and Fridays - ZOOM
Join Zoom Meetings
Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159
Password: hippo

Sunday 11/1 9 AM hosted by Meg Barnhart outside her house w/ heaters. 1 West Onwentsia, Lake Forest. Park in the driveway and walk through the side yard. Text Meg (847-340-8414) if you plan to attend.
Tuesday 11/3 5:45 PM hosted by Venu Tummalapalli (224-800-4049) via Zoom
Wednesday 11/4 9 AM hosted Lee Eddy (847-791-8552). Meet at North LB Beach. 
Friday 11/6 9 AM hosted by Dave Andersen (847-691-3866) via Zoom. *** Contact Meeting Hosts for any logistics support ***

eMail Dave Andersen if interested in Wednesday and/or Sunday Group Texts for Meeting Logistics
"During the time you are practicing mindfulness, you stop talking—not only the talking outside, but the talking inside. The talking inside is the thinking, the mental discourse that goes on and on and on inside. Real silence is the cessation of talking—of both the mouth and of the mind. This is not the kind of silence that oppresses us. It is a very elegant kind of silence, a very powerful kind of silence. It is the silence that heals and nourishes us."

"This exercise is simple, but the effect of the oneness of body and mind is very great. In our daily lives, we are seldom in that situation. Our body is there but our mind is elsewhere. Our mind may be caught in the past or in the future, in regrets, sorrow, fear, or uncertainty, and so our mind is not there. Someone may be present in the house, but not really there ......... someone's mind is with the future, with their projects, and someone is not there for their children or their spouse."
A Few Spots Remain for Sean Miller's Next Zoom Book Study - Join Us!
* * * * *
The study will feature Barbara Brown Taylor's critically-acclaimed Leaving Church, which is available at the Lake Forest bookstore (they offer 15% off if you say you are in the Comm. Church bookclub) , the library, and other book outlets. Gatherings will meet on Nov. 10, 17, Dec. 1 & 8 via Zoom from 7:00 to 8:15 pm. Email Sean to
sign up.
* * * * *
"Barbara Brown Taylor, once hailed as one of America’s most effective and beloved preachers, eloquently tells the moving and delightful story of her search to find an authentic way of being Christian—even when it meant giving up her pulpit."
The 2021 Annual Fund
at the Community Church
* * * * *
Two weeks ago we began our Annual Fund. What makes it unique is that while while as in the past we do seek your financial support, we are not asking donors to make formal pledges.
We've made this decision for a number of reasons, including our trust that the congregation and community will support our church without having to write it down on a piece of paper and return it to the church office.
Additionally, given the unique times in which we live - in some ways it seems insensitive on our part to ask people to make a firm financial commitment for the coming year when so many simply do not know what the coming year looks like.
So, we are faithfully preparing for 2021 trusting that our church family and community will do what they have always done - provide the financial support needed to do the work to which God calls us.
If you'd like to make a gift to our church, you can do so via check, security transfer, VENMO, PayPal, or through our secure online giving partner, FaithStreet. Please contact Peter Wolff or go to our website for additional information.
The Monday Morning Walk led by Tom & Sean is a great way to spend an hour or so. We leave the church office @ 10:00 a.m. and walk somewhere interesting in Lake Bluff. Consider joining us...
Community Church
Food Drive

The Community Church Food Drive is resuming to support approximately 100 families served by Beacon House in south Waukegan and 180 families served by El Puente Food Pantry in north Waukegan.
Please place non-perishable food in the church van parked at 117 Scranton in Lake Bluff. Van doors are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If doors are closed please leave food at the front door of office. Thank you in advance for your support - it goes a long way! - John Corrigan
Don't Forget to VOTE!
Last but not least...here's a zoom video Sean and I did about the Annual Fund. If you have not seen it you'll find the first 90 seconds will almost certainly bring you a smile if not a pretty good laugh. If you want you can stop there! Or if you want to know all sorts of stuff about the Annual Fund you can watch the whole thing...