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May really has been a monster of a month! We had a record-breaking 70 families attending this month! Plus, we celebrated Buddings' graduation to toddlerhood (18 months!) and our recent "Business of Impact" designation (and video!!!). It's been full-on, all month long!


There's been so much happening around here lately that we can no longer keep the updates in two newsletters a month. Starting in June, we're going to start running a weekly publication. We hope this will help us keep you informed with goings on, as well as leave us some room for some unrelated but interesting topics from time to time. 


We're testing out some other ideas this month, too. How early is early enough, for you? How late is too late? June 3 - 7, the experiment is on, and you can weigh in. 


Did you Bike to Work today? ;)


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Biking in the Air
8am Opening Experiment - June 3 - 7
Business of Impact Video
Is this your stuff?
Monster Month Comes to an End
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Biking is in the Air


The 6th annual Bike to Work Week celebration of cycling for transportation is running from May 27 - June 2, 2013, and as we already mentioned we want you to join our team!

All you have to do is register yourself on the Buddings Team at, and log as many bike trips as you can between now and this Sunday.You'll help us in our goal to place in the top 10 for Businesses under 10 Employees, and you'll also get to meet other biking Buddings families. 

We also wanted to do a big "Bravo!" for our teammate Neil, who is biking to Buddings this week, and Riding to Conquer Cancer on June 15 - 16! It's a 200km ride and as well as training for the event, he also set himself an ambitious fundraising target. He's a quarter of the way there, and with two weeks left, we want to give him a push! 

We're going to contribute all the fees from snacks during Bike to Work Week to help him Bike to a Cure. Want to support cancer research, education, and compassionate care? Why not help him reach his goal by visiting his page to donate now?
Should Buddings Open at 8am?


How early do you start your day? Does 9am daycare work, or would earlier be better? Are you ever going to need care as late as 7pm? Next week is your chance to let us know!

It's been a while since we did any market testing, and our hours have never been reviewed. From June 3 - 7, we're going to run an experiment. For that week, we're going to open the 8am hour for booking. 

Try it out. If there's real interest, we'll consider at an earlier opening time. 

And while we're at it, we're also going to put our 6pm time slot to the test. It's rarely used. Does anyone care if we stop offering it? Vote with your hours, and we'll keep you posted on the results.

Business of Impact Video Features Buddings!

Earlier this month, Vancity Credit Union released their new Business of Impact video, featuring Buddings! It's super well done, and as well as being thrilled at having been chosen, we also totally love the whole production! So cool! 
Buddings is just 18 months old, and we're already being recognized for the impact we're having as a social enterprise. We're honoured, and we want to spread the news far and wide. Check it out!
Vancity Stories of Impact - Budding Children's Garden and Daycare

It's only been viewed a few hundred times, and we'd love to see it hit 1000!The links for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are on the Share tab, at the bottom of the page. Help us get the word out!
Left & Found Mountain Hits New Heights!

Mountain of Stuff
Are you missing tubs, sweaters, hair bands, water bottles, or stuffed dogs? Please take a moment to visit our new Facebook Album of Abandoned Items and see if you recognize your missing stuff! 
A couple of tips, to help keep your stuff safe and sound:

1. Take a moment to LABEL water bottles, tubs, tupperwear, etc., with a permanent marker.

2. Leave cutlery at home. We have lots of spoons.

Heck, even if you're not missing anything, there's a tonne of great stuff, and if it's not claimed by the end of the week, it's all up for grabs! Just kidding... sort of.    

Monster Month Comes to an End


As you may have noticed, we've been having a blast throughout the month of May, exploring, imagining, and celebrating monsters! Our daily snacks for the whole month have been monstrously fun (and ridiculous!) and we're sad to see the end in sight. 
To commemorate, we've set up a couple of photo albums on our Facebook Page, and if you haven't seen Johanna's posts about the Bloom program's monster-exploration, there are more monster pictures there. 
We've had a lot of fun with Monster Month, but June is fast approaching, and we've got a brand-new topic to explore: "When I grow up," and we want you to know that we'll be looking at growing up, getting bigger, experiencing change, and developing relationships. The world will be a different place when our buddies grow up, too. 
Keep up with our progress, and let us know what you think by leaving comments for us on Facebook, Twitter, and on our Blog.
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