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Big Changes at Swan with Water Well Products!
As some of you may or may not know, we have been working hard with completing our product offerings with pump and well products.  We are doing this to keep us up to date and competitive in the market.  Below are some key products that we think you should know about that we are now stocking at Swan!
National Pump

We have been extremely successful with the National Pump submersible pump line up.  Not only are the National Pumps an extremely reliable stainless steel option but we are also able to be VERY price competitive.

The National Pump submersible carry a 5 Year (to the contractor) warranty and will now feature the great Tesla submersible pump motors. 


This year we have decided to stop carrying the Champion line from Amtrol and switch to the Well-X-Trol Line.  The Well-X-Trol tanks have a more durable diaphragm and also have an antimicrobial liner.  The also have a tougher paint and stainless steel elbow.  The Well-X-Trol tanks are also the only tank that offers a 7 Year warranty.  

Don't forget we also brought in Flexcon Tanks.  Another great product with a more price competitive price point.  We carry both the WWT and H2PL Flex2Pro Tanks.  

The WWT tanks are steel tanks with a galvanized elbow on the bottom.  The H2PL tank are fiberglass tanks with the discharge nipple already on the bottom of the tank.  All you need is to hook up a union tank tee and you are ready to go.

CSI Water Treatment

We have also brought in CSI Water Treatment.  If you are using aeration iron filters you need to try the SideKick from CSI.  The SideKick is hands down the best aeration filter on the market.  The side mount valve keeps the air bubble in the tank where it belongs.  This will greatly extend the life of the valve.  And the CSI Signature valve can also draw air into the tank without doing a full backwash cycle, saving a lot of water though out the year!

CSI has also made us able to get more competitive with your standard softeners and filter tanks.  Come in and check out the great pricing from CSI.

Thank you very much for your time.  We hope you find that these new products can help you stay competitive in an ever changing market.  If you have any questions please give us a call!
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