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Big Fleets, Big Fun


The first Harbor 20s were commissioned by 5 wise men 16 years ago.  The Sportboat with Cupholders continues its quiet growth with the launch of 30 new boats this year.  In the 16 years of building Harbor 20s, there have been hundreds of subtle  innovations incorporated to the new boats.  

What always remains the same is the appeal and one design nature of the Harbor 20. The original premise of the Harbor 20 remains vaild today. 

Harbor 20 - Overview 2001
Video: Harbor 20  Overview from 2001

The Harbor 20 is a record breaking boat. Here is a short list of the national and world records belonging to the Harbor 20: 

1)  The Harbor 20 is the most actively sailed keelboat in the country. Harbor 20s have more races with more boats sailing  than any other keelboat. 

2) Harbor 20s are also the most actively sailed boat at every single club that has a Harbor 20 fleet.  Clubs that have Harbor 20s are  vibrant.  

3) The Harbor 20 has the highest percentage of women skippers of any sailboat in the world. Nearly 30% of race skippers of Harbor 20s are women. 

4) The Harbor 20 has the biggest Corinthian turnout of any keelboat class champs in the country.  

5) The Harbor 20 also has the highest percentage of family teams of any class.  Fully 75% of the teams at the last class champs were families. 

The Harbor 20s have big fleets everywhere they sail. Here is a run down of sailing at some of the various clubs that host Harbor 20s. 

21 registered  H20s at American Legion Yacht Club . ALYC hosts races on Monday evenings during its Sundowner Series from May through August. American Legion has the reputation for the best bands and best dancing of any YC in America. 

The Fabulous Nomads 


50  ( FIFTY !! ) registered  H20s at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club hosts Taco Tuesday races from May through August.  Taco Tuesday is more than just Tacos with a post-race party with food, drinks, and a raffle each week. 
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Photo Credit: Joy Sailing
Harbor 20 Beer Cans on Tuesday Daysailer
Video: Taco Tuesday 

24 registered H20s Wednesdays for Summer evening Twilights hosted by Balboa Yacht Club on Wednesdays from May through September. BYC's lambburgers are reknowned far and wide. 
Photo Credit: Len Bose



15 registered H20s  at  Wednesday Night Races hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club from April through August. The Annapolis H20 Fleet also is the most active frostbiting fleet in Annapolis.  They race through the winter !

Good times in Annapolis 
Cold weather doesn't stop Annapolis Sailors !

The Annapolis Fleet has fun !
12 H20s registered Santa Barbara Yacht Club hosts Wet Wednesday races from March through October. The Harbor 20s are the largest of the one-design fleets participating in the multi-fleet Wet Wednesday races. Santa Barbara is hosting the North - South regatta this year.  Get ready for dancing on the beach and the world famous hospitality of SBYC. 

You could be here 

Harbor 20 on the Porch at Santa Barbara Daysailer
Video: Santa Barbara Storytelling

Harbor 20 Gals have more fun

9 H20s registered at   South Carolina Yacht Club, home of Harbor 20 Fleet 3, hosts the Wednesday Night Racing Series each week out of Windmill Harbour in Calibogue Sound. SCYC has the grace and charm of the South in a beautiful setting. SCYC hosts the Dominico Del Sole regatta every year.   SCYC is also primed to win the East - West again this year ! 

Hilton Head beauty 

40 registered H20s at Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosts NHYC Twilights every Thursday during the summer. Thursdays at NHYC include a big burger bash with hundreds showing up. There are three separate series hosted - one each in June, July, and August.  NHYC commodore, Gale Nye Pickney led her team to  a first ever victory in the Baldwin Cuo his year ! NHYC has the best MatTais. on the continent. 

Newport style

NHYC Team Race
Video:  "I AM going HEAD to wind"
Baldwin Cup 2008

23 Harbor 20s registered Fridays at LIYC Lido Island Yacht Club hosts Friday Night. Adult Racing each week from June through August. Lido Isle YC is the center of Harbor 20 events hosting both a Christmas and a Mid Summer  party. 


Photo Credit: Harbor20.org
Schock Harbor 20 Daysailer Light Air Start
Video - Light Air Start 

Sailors are certainly having fun in Harbor 20s. On and off the water, Harbor 20 sailors have fun all year long.  They have great parties, great sailing, and build friendships of a lifetime. 

Laughter and good cheer are always the order of the day for Harbor 20 sailors. 

If you are interested in joining the fun or want to start a fleet, contact your local WD Schock Harbor dealer or the class organization to get started ! 

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