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Wow! This past week I was watching the docuseries Exhausted put together by Pedram Shojai and Nick Polizzi. What an eye opener on so many levels. It was brilliant and packed with so much information that we all need to know to better understand why we're all feeling the way we are and what that is telling us about the state of our health. Sometimes they do an impromptu showing. If you see it sign up for it!

Did you know while you are sleeping your brain is hard at work? It's doing things like moving your short term memory over to your long term memory. Pretty cool right? Just one fun fact I learned.
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Big Food-Our Gov't-Our Health??
I received an email from the Food Babe last week. I must say what I read saddened me and angered me. While I'm not surprised I guess seeing in black and white made the reality of it undeniable especially when she writes -

"If a company can make safer products without these chemicals for other people, why won't they do this for their own American citizens?"

Read the email in it's entirety -

If there was one thing that opened up my eyes to how corrupt the food industry is… its how big food companies, like McDonald’s, Pepsico, and Heinz reformulate their products with safer ingredients to sell in other countries. 
McDonald’s French fries without dimethylsiloxane, Mountain Dew without artificial colors, and Heinz Ketchup without high fructose corn syrup are all provided to our friends overseas, while they continue to sell dramatically inferior versions here in America. 
It's unethical and the hypocrisy needs to stop.

If a company can make safer products without these chemicals for other people, why won't they do this for their own American citizens?

I recently shared a NEW LIST with 10 more examples of food companies selling safer, less toxic versions of their products in other countries.
It’s an eye-opener. Please share this with your friends! 

And there’s a lot more you need to know. You’ll want to read or listen to Chapter 3 in my book Feeding You Lies to get the full scoop.


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