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with Dan and George
December 14, 2021
8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific
Got a home studio recording or editing problem ... or always just wondered about something?

Attend to ASK any question about YOUR particular voice over home studio set-up, including equipment, acoustics, technique, software (DAWs), remote recording (Source-Connect, ipDTL, etc.).

Dan Lenard and George Whittam have your answer!

Presented by VoiceOverXtra, this live Q&A Clinic is also recorded, in case you can't attend live yet want to learn along with others - and also to be able to review these tips any time.

Who should attend? Voice over newcomers, of course! Also, seasoned pros who want to tune up their studios for 2022 competition.

A special focus will be "dispelling the myths and misinformation that pervades the VO social media world," Dan says.

Whether starting your VO career or enhancing it,
this is the Q&A webinar & recording you don't want to miss!
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Complete Instant Download Advice
from the world's foremost VO Home Studio Experts:
Dan Lenard and George Whittam
... the Voice Over Body Shop Guys!
with Dan Lenard
Yes, every voice actor now needs a home studio. The pandemic made it essential - and it will remain so.

If you’re getting into voice over, you must have a studio and know how to use it to compete in this competitive business.

But it’s not as difficult or as intimidating as you think! 
In this informative and stress-relieving recording, Dan Lenard - the Home Voice Over Studio Master - covers exactly what you need to know to create your personal, professional sounding recording space at home. 

He shows you:

  • The basics to achieve when creating your home studio.
  • How to use what you already have available.
  • The acoustical considerations of your space.
  • The basic equipment you require, including the proper ...
  • Microphone and stand
  • Preamp/digital interface
  • What type of computer to make recording easiest and trouble-free, and
  • The easiest software to use to record your tracks. 
Just $59
But SAVE with promo code HOLIDAY
with Dan Lenard
How do you actually and properly record yourself for voice over work? It seems like a mysterious, technological and intimidating process.
When Dan Lenard, the Home Voice Over Studio Master, shows you the reality of how easy it actually is, you will be relieved and encouraged to be a voice talent and not a recording engineer. 
In this vital recording for beginning or even experienced professionals with little recording experience, Dan thoroughly explains how to: 
  • Set up your recording software.
  • How to hit RECORD (really!)
  • Proper microphone technique.
  • Set proper input levels (it’s essential).

And you'll learn:

  • Editing techniques and theory of voice tracks and the pattern of human speech.
  • All the file formats you’ll ever need (not as many as you think).
Just $59
But SAVE with promo code HOLIDAY
with George Whittam
Are you spending more time than necessary in production?

Are your audiobook production skills competitive with narrators who consistently book with publishers and authors who demand top-notch audio quality services that those narrators provide?

In this thorough webinar recording, George Whittam clearly demonstrates production techniques that will pay for themselves many times over in time savings and productivity.

  • Proper audiobook narration studio setup.
  • Recording techniques for efficient editing.
  • Editing methods that sound "unedited".
  • Proofing workflow.
  • Mastering that nails the specs every time.

Plus, George answers questions in a lively Q&A.

Your instant download purchase includes video and audio recordings plus all slides.
Just $59
But SAVE with promo code HOLIDAY
with Dan Lenard
What is audio processing for voice over?

Well, it's the most misunderstood, misinformed, and erroneously intimidating part of being a voice talent.
But in this recording, Dan Lenard, the Home Voice Over Studio Master, gives you clear explanations and demonstrations on how to professionally process your recorded audio.
Dan shows you the the reality of what you actually need to know by:
  • Removing the misinformation and mythology of audio processing for VO tracks.
  • Explaining vocal frequencies and the basic processes of Normalization and Equalization (EQ)
  • Demonstrating noise removal and how to do it right (if at all). 
  • And mercifully unraveling the mystery of audio compression - putting it in terms you can understand and properly implement (again, if at all). 
After you understand how to set up your studio and hit RECORD, you'll need to become competent and confident in how to make sure your tracks sound professional - not by doing a lot, but by doing as little as possible. 
Just $59
But SAVE with promo code HOLIDAY
Dan Lenard and George Whittam - the voice over world's leading home studio consultants - are co-hosts of the popular Monday night Voice Over Body Shop webcast. Also ...
Dan Lenard is the VO industry's acclaimed Home Studio Master - one of the world's leading experts and authorities and consultants on professional voice over home studio audio.

He has also been a radio personality, a high school Media and Social Studies teacher, and currently is a freelance producer and professional voice artist specializing in commercial eLearning voice work.
As a VO home studio consultant, Dan helps voice talent with studio set–up and problem solving - especially voice artists who are new to the industry, or experienced talent who have little or no self-recording experience. 
Dan is also current President of the World-Voices Organization, where he was a Founding Board Member, former Executive Vice President, and chair of the Technical Standards Committee.
His philosophy: Keep it simple!
GEORGE WHITTAM is a worldwide top authority in voice over recording technology, and has been serving the technical needs of voice actors and recording studio owners since 2005.

In August 2017 he launched the company to assist voice actors with tech support, training, studio design, recording equipment and training materials.

His many clients have included voice over stars Melissa Disney, Randy Thomas, Joe Cipriano, Scott Rummell and the late Don LaFontaine.

George was also co-founder of the SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab.
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