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Celebrate Small Business
National Small Business Week 2017 runs from April 30 to May 6, 2017, with activities running from Monday (May 1) through Friday (May 5). This event presents a wonderful opportunity for all to celebrate small businesses in the U.S.

4 Steps to Better Payment Processing

Selling is one thing, but getting paid is quite another. The aim for small businesses is to collect payments as quickly as possible with as little cost to do so. You don't want to become a banker for your customers, extending them credit and then trying to collect. Use payment options that put cash in your hands immediately upon a sale or the performance of services. Here are four ideas for you.

Advancing Funds to Your Corporation: Loans or Capital Contributions?

Many small businesses depend on infusions of cash from their owners in order to meet cash flow needs or finance expansion plans. The infusions can be nominal, such as small sums needed to meet an unexpected emergency, or can be substantial, as a way to start a business. How the advance is treated by the owner and the business impacts tax treatment. The IRS and courts apply heightened scrutiny to advances in the context of closely-held corporations. Why it matters ... 

Shorter Work Days to Increase Profits? 

It's counterintuitive to think that if your staff puts in fewer hours, the company will become more profitable. Nonetheless, that seems to be the findings from a study in Denmark that was reported by Bloomberg

What can shorter hours mean to your company?

Your Personal and Business Credit Scores
Large businesses rely on the credit ratings of their companies. Small businesses usually have to rely -- in whole or in part -- on the credit scores of their owners. Consequently, having a good personal credit rating is essential for commanding access to loans for business at favorable rates. But business credit scores shouldn't be ignored.

Tomorrowland in the Workplace

When I started my business in the early 1980s and bought a desktop computer and fax machine, I thought technology had reached a pinnacle. Then came the Internet, smartphones, and tablets. Now there are new technology developments impacting the workplace. Often technologies are first used by large companies, but it doesn't take long for adoption by small businesses. Here are some technology developments that may soon be in your workplace.

Settling Up with the IRS

Even though audit rates are at historic lows - just 0.7% overall in the government's 2016 fiscal year - you may be the unlucky taxpayer to fall under the IRS's microscope for examination. A small business owner has better things to do with his or her time and money than deal with tax controversies. Hassling over taxes costs a business owner personal time and considerable professional fees. Anything that can be done to expedite a resolution and avoid the need to litigate is a valuable option. Here are some options to consider.  

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Qualified Small Business Stock: What Is It and How to Use It

Imagine owning stock in a company where the price appreciates greatly, you sell it, and pay no tax on your profit. That's what can happen with qualified small business stock (QSBS). Also referred to as Section 1202 stock because that's the section in the Tax Code that governs it, QSBS can be a significant planning tool for the right company, such as a tech startup.
Outside-the-Box Travel Expenses -- What's Deductible?

Most small business owners incur, to a greater or lesser extent, travel expenses for their business. You probably know how to treat the most common costs - hotel rooms, airline tickets, business meals - but there are a slew of other travel-related costs that you may incur. Some are deductible and some are not. Here's a rundown.
How to Handle Financial Information about Job Applicants

Individuals with financial troubles can create problems in the workplace. They may be preoccupied with their personal woes and unable to concentrate on work. They may be tempted to steal from the company in an attempt to solve their own financial issues. But can you factor their personal financial situation into a hiring decision?
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J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2017

Yes, technically the official tax season has ended. 
As a small business, however, critical tax issues face you all year long, and many questions continue to surface. Tax planning is essential, as you know, to achieve "a better bottom line." That's why this book is here for you today ... to help you, as a small business owner, stay informed and to offer solutions for your year-round tax-planning needs. 

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