HAPPY CHRISTMAS from the Guillebauds and the whole GLO team!  

I just wanted to repeat a MASSIVE THANK YOU for standing with us and all the incredible Burundian brothers and sisters we work alongside. Today over 500 families have received decent gifts from us so that they can have a proper celebration and have a good start to 2020. Superb!

Life remains tough but many Burundians still have an effusive and defiant joy. If you’d like to share that joy today, why not join in #theglodance (or indeed any dance) with your loved ones this afternoon and post your videos on Facebook with the hashtag #theglodance? Our brothers and sisters in Burundi will be really encouraged (and you can entertain the fam whilst burning off a few of those Christmas calories!)

THANKS for your generosity, THANKS for your prayers, THANKS for everything! This year you’ve helped us touch the lives of 200,000+ precious people in Burundi with practical care and the beautiful truth of the Gospel.

Have a very special day today with loved ones, and may 2020 be the best yet!

Simon Guillebaud

PS Please do join our Call to Prayer in Latimer, UK, on 21st March

Grace introduces the GLO dance
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