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July 23, 2015 

Have you been taking pictures this summer? There's a lot to remember! 

The summer fieldtrips are happening twice a week, which means there are a tonne of photos to share! Families who join tell us they love to see the kids out on their adventures, and when you sign up, you'll get to see it too! In the meantime, our blog has the story (and some non-identifiable photos)!

Our summer staff are settling in, but with an eye towards September, we're looking for some new teachers to join our team. We're a flexible daycare, and shifts can be, too. Know any great ECEs? 

This month, we're also taking the opportunity to test a new snacking protocol that we're hoping will lead to an era of snacking sanity... It starts next Monday, and we'll be sure to have the details available for next time you're in.

It's a picture perfect plan! 

Centre News
Big Kids Abroad - Fieldtrip Program Rocks!

You might have heard that our summer field trip program is
rolling along, but for August, Big Kids Abroad totally ROCKS!

Starting this week, we embark on the first of our Earthy explorations, investigating the stones, shards, and crystals that make our world. 

It kicks off with a trip to Crystal Ark, Granville Island's own cave of wonder (next to the duck pond), and continues every Friday through August, with trips to the UBC Earth Museum, the Vancouver Gem and Mineral Show, and the man-made island at Olympic Village. 

And that is not all, friends, that is not all! There are TWO trips every week until the end of the summer, so you have tonnes of chances to sign your child up! Big Kids Abroad fieldtrips run from 1 - 5pm, with spaces for big kids of all ages! 

Little buddies are moving up, and Talia's account of The First Trip gives you a peek into our fieldtrip mentoring style. With senior fieldtrippers there to hold their hands ( literally!), our soon-to-be preschoolers are learning the ropes. 

The fieldtrip program is a 2-month long drop-in summer camp that children are welcome to join anytime. Twice a week, friends meet for adventure. Login to sign up!

Not a member? Apply here! 

Find the schedule on the Big Kids Abroad page. 

We're hiring for September

There's still lots of summer left, and while the fieldtrip program is all the rage while it's hot, there's a fall season to look forward to, too! The Big Kids Club Fall Season! There's so much to explore!

Some of our teachers are headed back to school, and Jen's new baby Max is keeping her full attention, so Buddings is recruiting. The positions are posted on our Jobs Board

Our flexible bookings mean we can offer flexible shifts, and our program offers lots of opportunities to learn and engage through play. For the kids, of course, but it's also pretty fun! :)

There are still a number of teacher holidays in the coming weeks, and we'll be collecting resumes and interviewing candidates, including a 3-hour observation morning, through the summer. You'll be seeing some new faces, and we'll keep you updated.

Find the job ads on our website, and please send this link to anyone you may know:


Sitting down for snacks

While busy at play, toddlers and preschoolers need snacks and meals to keep their energy up. We offer children food every two hours, and they have access to their own snacks when they are hungry. With lots of kids, that means lots of snacking.

In fact, we're spending a lot of time supervising snacks, and it's getting a little... messy. 

What would... mother do? 

Well, for one thing, we would sit at the table together, and eat our snacks when it's snack time. Without messing around, (     insert full name here     ). And tidy it up when we're done!

In the name of snacking sanity, we're getting back to basics. 

When families arrive at daycare, backpacks and snacks (except those for the fridge) will stay in the front cubbies, and only water bottles and diaper kits should come inside. The cubby card tells us where to find their stuff, and a little labelling will go a long way...

We have a system, and we'll be explaining it to arriving families starting on Monday. You might be surprised at how easy it is! 

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