We got great news this afternoon! House Bill 150- Installment and Small Loan Changes, sponsored by Rep. Georgene Louis was signed this afternoon. After a long legislative process, our bill has finally been signed into law, making sure that we have the reporting we need to ensure that we have strong consumer protections for Native Working Families.

We want to extend a big thanks to Rep. Georgene Louis for all of her hard work in bringing everyone to the table, and making sure that this important piece of legislation made it to the Governor's table. Representative Louis gave her full support to this bill, and we appreciate her time and effort in making sure this passed.

We also want to give a huge 'shoutout' to the NM Fair Lending coalition, especially the NM Center for Law on Poverty and Prosperity Works for their partnership in action!! None of us could do this alone. Thanks all!


HOUSE BILL 100- REPLACE COLUMBUS DAY AS INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S DAY was signed on Tuesday! This is an important piece of legislation which was sponsored by Rep. Derrick Lente, replaces Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples day which will change October 14th from a day that commemorated colonialism, violence and manifest destiny, with a new day that celebrates the strength, resilience, and continuity of Indigenous Peoples.

We want to thank Rep. Derrick Lente for all his work to get this important piece of legislation passed. We can now celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day with our children and grandchildren.

There are many other bills that we will review at our upcoming Urban Indian Legislative Update on April 17 - so save the date! We will review the Native Student Needs Assessment, the Early Childhood Education and minimum wage increase along with other bills. We'll get you details soon.

Thank you to everyone who made calls to their legislators, and signed onto letters supporting strong legislation, and being true community advocates. It means so much to our community and we want to say thank you for all your involvement throughout the year!