Many years ago, our founder, Tony Boxell, envisioned the launch of an exterior division.  
Several of our interior product manufacturers had begun to offer products for the buildings’ exterior, which Specified Interiors was promoting to the market.  Adding additional key exterior product manufacturers to expand and create an exterior division became part of our new business model. Starting an entire new division was no easy task and unfortunately, we experienced a devastating hardship in 2016 as we suffered the loss of our father and founder. At this point we faced not just the mission of building a new division but the monumental undertaking of restructuring the company.
Armed with the addition of a tenured, licensed architect to head up the exteriors division, and several other great team members, love and support from our manufacturers, contractors and the A&D community, and a ton of long days and nights, our journey has become a celebration of a thriving new division as well as continued growth of our interiors business.  

Our new company branding reflects a merging of the past, present and goals for the future as we continue to expand our reach and achieve new heights