We have two big news items at Life Planning Partners, Inc.

Carolyn has decided to leave her software firm, Whealthcare Planning, LLC. She and her partner had disagreements on business direction and Carolyn felt it was best to part ways. But don’t cry for her! She is excited to have a large part of her life back and is at peace with her decision. This is good news for Life Planning Partners.

And phase two of the big news…

After a valuable six years as part of the Life Planning Partners team, Carrie will be leaving full time status at LPP for a new adventure. She has long dreamed of living anywhere while traveling, working remotely, and pursuing other passions. She is getting closer to realizing that dream – and is now adjusting her LPP work life to support her more immediate desire to help her husband with his business, as they get ready to launch into travel-mode.

Her last official day in the office will be February 28 th and she will continue to work with us remotely, in the background, while we look for another planner. After February, Carolyn will assume Carrie’s work in estate planning and Joey will take over insurance planning.

We make it a regular practice to cross-train in all areas so we can support one another and our clients when inevitable life change arises. Over the next month, Carrie will help us take the reins on any open tasks she has been helping you with. Ultimately, we will have another awesome planner join our team – once we find the right person.

We tell clients the importance of living in love and joy today, while making certain to plan for whatever tomorrow delivers. We are happy to see Carrie manifesting her own vision of the ethos of LPP. We will miss her powerful mind and witty humor in the office every day, and we know she will miss working directly with all of you.

Please join us in wishing Carrie and her family all the best and safe travels. As always, we are here to answer any questions and concerns you have.

Warm regards,

The LPP Team
Life Planning Partners, Inc.