The 90 HP Engine Premiering at Oshkosh
We took the Viking 90 powered CH-701 to our local EAA Chapters Pancake Fly-In to enjoy breakfast. It was a beautiful morning for flying.

Viking will be flying to Oshkosh Airventure (Booth 638).

We will have the 180 HP Zenith STOL CH-750 Superduty along with our 90 HP CH-701 on display.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, stop in and say hi!
No one has truly been able to deliver a competitive engine to the lightweight and popular Rotax 912 Series. Until Now...

Vikings' new 90 HP Engine is lightweight, powerful and smooth. The complete engine only weighs 150 lbs. and is now flying regularly in a CH-701 aircraft. As you can see from the table above, the engine fits nicely in-between the 80 and 100 HP Rotax models.

Since the 100 HP Rotax engine is time limited to max horsepower output, the Viking 90 in many aspects will provide the same performance at less then HALF the cost.
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Viking 90 HP In Action
Kathy and Bob Anderson take their Viking and S-19 Rans Cross Country
For anyone taking on a Homebuilt aircraft, we highly suggest HomebuiltHELP and Jon Croke who has a lot of information to help you along the way. See one of his recent videos below: "How to Pick the Best Engine for your Homebuilt" He provides step by step DVD video demonstrations to help builders of experimental home built aircrafts. You can visit his website for a full library of videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel to receive notification of video Tips as they are published! His YouTube is HERE.
Viking Customers
Ken Rogers - A True Homebuilder
Ken contacted Viking several months ago in regards to his wish to construct a larger version of the popular Kitfox/Just Aircraft style airplane. He wanted something for two full size pilots to comfortably sit. He is currently sizing his aircraft based on the Viking 110. He is making great progress as you can see in the pictures.
"I said that I would keep you updated on my progress because at first I was progressing rather quickly and this project wouldn’t be boring to watch but my help all left me in January. Then I was hoping to at least have the engine running by our fly-in because a lot of people around are interested in the Viking engine and want to see and hear it run. Well I had to organize the Fly-in, it’s at my place, and I had little help with that either so I didn’t get much done on the airplane, but that's over with now so I can now get back to work on it. When you install an alternate engine and have to make a special engine mount and build a special cowl for it, that's a significant portion of the whole plane and the rest is easy. The vice president of our chapter is going to Oshkosh this year and he is interested in the Viking engine so I hope that you can give him some info to bring back to share with our chapter. Here are some pictures to show where I’m at now, I think that this will be a good looking airplane."

-Ken Rogers, Viking 110 Owner
Jerry and Sandy Wade now finished building and flying a 130 HP
Don Bowen in his Viking Powered Sonex

" Just wanted to say that I have been following with great interest your development of the Viking 90 engine.
I think this would be a perfect engine for the Sonex airframe. Lots of Sonex drivers are not happy with their VW engines and I believe there is a good market for a FWF Viking 90 engine for the Sonex.
I am very happy with my 110, but I think a lighter 90 hp engine would be spot on perfect for the Sonex."

-Don Bowen

Read more about the Viking 90 Here .
Dean Smith Flying Behind a Viking 110
Oshkosh Special
Viking 90 HP
Viking 130 HP
Both the 130 HP and the new 90 HP will be available for $9995.00 and you can receive a FREE Viking View (Retail $1000.00) - See more here.

We will also have our popular Steel Bungee available for 10 percent off retail at $355.00! (Cash only) - See more here.
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