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Securing Metropolitan Status of Dubuque

This week, we got some very important news for Dubuque! The Office of Management and Budget announced the agency would not be moving forward with its proposal to change the statistical definition of a Metropolitan Statistical Area from 50,000 to 100,000. If this proposal had moved forward, Dubuque would have lost its status as a metropolitan area.

This is more than just a definition – having metropolitan status qualifies communities for federal dollars and other critical resources. It is also a key part of attracting businesses and economic development opportunities to the region.

I fought this proposed change tooth and nail since I’ve been in office, and I am so glad to have secured Dubuque's metropolitan status. I will continue fighting to ensure Dubuque, and our entire district, can grow and thrive.

Learn more about my efforts on this issue here and read on for additional information on what I'm doing for IA-01.

Supporting Border Security
Amid the worst illegal immigration crisis in modern history, House Democrats on the Appropriations Committee are working to slash funding for our immigration enforcement agencies. Under their bill, both U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would lose the resources they need to manage the illegal immigration surge and protect our country against threats stemming from our open border.

On my recent trip to the border, law enforcement told me they needed more resources and more boots on the ground to handle the current crisis conditions they are facing. Illegal border crossings continue to surge at record levels. Our officers don’t have the manpower or tools necessary to combat the cartels, smugglers, and human traffickers using sophisticated techniques to push dangerous drugs and people across our border every day — and this bill inexplicably provides no funding for additional Border Patrol agents to counter this surge.

As the border crisis worsens, Democrats are ignoring law enforcement’s cries for help, advocating to cut CBP’s budget by a billion dollars and to cut ICE’s budget on top of that.

I've been fighting these efforts to defund law enforcement at our southern border and will continue to do so.

📰Hinson in The Washington Examiner: Back law enforcement in our communities and at our border
Advocating for Biofuels
This week, I helped introduce the bipartisan Year-Round Fuel Choice Act of 2021, legislation that will allow for year round sales of E15. This legislation reacts to the recent D.C. Circuit Court ruling that rescinded the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to allow the sale of E15 during summer months.

I believe this ruling was incredibly disappointing and misguided. Not only is the year round sale of E15 critical to Iowa's farmers and biofuel producers, but maximizing the use of higher ethanol blends will help lower prices at the pump and help our environment. I was proud to help introduce this legislation so that Iowa's biofuel producers can sell E15 year-round.

This is all the more important as gas prices are the highest they've been in 7 years. Allowing for the widespread use of higher ethanol blends would help bring down prices at the pump, promote American energy independence from foreign fuel, and create jobs here at home.

I will continue fighting for Iowa's biofuel producers and farmers in Congress!
Standing Up For Life
Hyde Amendment protections ensure that taxpayer dollars do not fund abortions. For the first time in over 40 years, Democrats advanced legislation out of the House Appropriations Committee without the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment has saved over 2.5 million babies since it was enacted in 1976. In Iowa alone, it has saved more than 40,000 babies -- including 443 babies this year. It is absolutely unacceptable to force Americans to pay for abortions against their will. I'll continue to fight against any moves to repeal the Hyde Amendment, and ensure taxpayer dollars are not being used to fund abortions at home or abroad.

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars
As a result of the government spending trillions of dollars we don't have, prices are rising at their fastest rate in 13 years. Despite this, the Biden Administration is doubling down on its big spending agenda. This will continue to drive up costs for working class families in Iowa and across the country. Life is, and will continue to be, less affordable for Iowans as long as the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress keep recklessly spending far outside of our means.

I'm working hard in Congress to protect your hard-earned taxpayer dollars and get our economy back on track. I am honored to serve on the newly formed Republican task force on jobs and economy. On this task force, I'll work to advance pro-growth policies that boost our economy and help workers, families, and small businesses.
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