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We’ve been working like crazy here in Elmira NY, so let’s share some of our Big News with you…
What's a Seth House?

The Seth House is the actual building where Jane Roberts channeled Seth. This is where most of their 45 books were written, including  "Seth Speaks" . We have established a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving this legendary building. This house saw miracles folks, it's worth keeping.
Upcoming Big Event

Exciting plans are underway to celebrate Jane Roberts’ Birthday (May 8, 1929). So mark this on your calendar: May 7-11, 2020 is the time frame we’re looking at. Last year we had an awesome event and 'Open House' for Jane. In June we did the same for Rob. Meeting cool Sethies in the house where it happened is a Seth Reader’s dream come true. We’ll tell you more as the time draws near, so stay tuned.

This is brand new. It only has 1 video on it so far, but it’s a good one. We want this to be a place where you will find many Seth videos, audios, lectures and insights. We hope this will benefit anyone who wants to access Seth anywhere in the world. We just got this started and we would appreciate anyone who would like to help us upload and manage it. 

We also have many hours of video we’ve filmed at The Seth House during these 2 years of restorations and get-togethers. For this we seek help from anyone with Videography and Editing skills who’d like to produce a short history of what’s been going on here. Contact us .

We wrote some beautiful words about Seth, this house, and the big vision for what the future can be. Click on over and check it out. Plenty of info you may find interesting, like historic facts about Seth, and how we are making this place wonderful. YOU CAN VIEW OUR VIDEO on this page too.

Even if you never plan to come out here,
other people may find great comfort in this place.
This too is worth supporting.

This new Crowdfunding Campaign is very important now and your support means so much. You may also share this fundraiser by clicking the "Share" button on the GoFundMe page to help spread the word.

If you’ve already donated before
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See the Introductory “Walk About Tour” of The Seth House. It's a trip through time. This can be found on our GoFundMe page. We thank Bob Terrio for producing it. Music by Paul Helfrich is gorgeous. Lotsa fun.

Thanks for taking a look.
See our website too:  www.TheSethHouse.com

This old house is a place that offers great possibilities for joy and personal transformation. We look forward to meeting people who want to join us on this journey. This is truly the magic that life is all about.

This has been sent to you with warm wishes from Elmira and some dedicated Sethies who care about this historic, but shabby, building where miracles have happened. We look forward to stirring up more goodness and light right here at...

458 West Water Street, #1-A, Elmira NY 14905
(607) 442-1315
The Seth House is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving the historic building where Seth spoke.


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