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ByrdCall Studio
Welcome to December--
the last month of 2013!
Lots happening so if you have a couple of minutes, I'll share with you.  In this issue:
  • Major Acquisition Revealed
  • Festival of Wreaths at Carroll Arts Center
  • Studio Tour is this weekend!
  • New Sheep linocut
  • Printing more Raven in Flight shirts just in case I sold out of one you wanted
  • Holiday Love and Peace to you all!


Gypsy wonders where she will lay down in the studio now.
Didn't Mean to Leave you
in Suspense Last Month!


In my October-November newsletter, I told you that Byrdcall Studio was making a major acquisition, but I didn't say what.... Sorry, but I was afraid that by talking as though it was a "done deal," I might jinx the transaction.


Drum roll....... I just "bought back" the entire rya

Gramma is pleased.  See, she is smiling.

rug supply business founded by my grandparents the year I was born. Lundgren Rya was sold out of the family about 30 years ago.

Click here for the full story...   



Wreath of Tropical Greens and Byrds -- a hand-painted mirror 
This week:  
 Festival of Wreaths
at the Carroll Arts Center
Now through Dec. 8


Here is my hand-painted mirror as my donation to the Carroll Arts Center's Festival of Wreaths.  Its always a great way to capture some holiday spirit and this year they have the Gallery of Gifts at the same time. There are about 150 unique wreaths that could be yours for the winning silent auction bid.  Read more here...




Please Come Visit me in my Studio:studio tour

Carroll County Artists Studio Tour

Sat. & Sun. Dec. 7-8 

10 AM - 5 PM

Once again, I am participating the the Studio Tour.  Click on the link in the right-hand panel for details.  Being the furthest south on the tour, it can get lonely if people don't feel like driving all the way to Woodbine.  I'll make it worth your while with tasty home made snacks, beverages, a sneak peek at my rya supplies, and a great selection of both hand-printed and silk screened shirts...but the best part is seeing a working studio in action...and it is always in action.  Don't miss it.  If you ordered a shirt at the Mistletoe Mart, remember to come by to pick it up if that was your pick-up choice.



My Latest Linocut

In my last newsletter, I showed you my work in progress for the linocut I submitted to the 2014 Sheep & Wool Festival.  I don't think any of you have seen the final submission until now...and even this one is a rough draft, an early print.  The winner won't be announced until January, but I know some of you don't want to wait that long to see it, so here it is:
Rough Draft of Woolie Linocut



Soon Silk-screening

More Raven-in-Flight Shirts

I didn't know how many to print a few months ago, but come to find out I didn't print enough of certain sizes and colors... and I must say that the royal purple has been very popular.  Who knew?  So if I turned you away because I didn't have your size or color, hopefully you'll give me another chance in mid-December.  
Raven in Flight modeled by my young friend, Nathan, at the Mistletoe Mart



Happy Holidays to You ALL!
Thanks for your kindness and support all year long.

I hope that I bring a smile to you often as you wear my artwork on your clothing, or smile at a painting on your wall, or simply enjoy a little story in my monthly newsletter.  Your friendship and kind words throughout the year make me feel truly blessed.  Peace to you and all those you know and love
...and everyone else for that matter.
Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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